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On a large scale ketogenic diet is considered safe and fit for application in daily routine. It is also suggested that don’t make the transition abrupt take it slow from your diet slowly start lowering the carb levels and finally bring them to the decided limit of 200 grams a day. But then, it is always advised that you consult a clinical physician before you make such drastic changes in your diet. To ease out the planning process you can also look upto some good dietician who can assist you plan your ketogenic weight loss without the occurrence of any side effects at all. 1. What Is Ketogenic Diet? 2. Ketogenic Diet For Weight Loss 3. Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss One Month 4. Keto Diet Plan For Beginners 5. Ketogenic Diet Side Effects 6. Ketogenic Diet For Vegetarians Without Eggs 7. Ketogenic Diet For Type 2 Diabetes

1. What Is Ketogenic Diet?

  • A diet with low carbohydrate levels in order to enhance the consumption of fat in order to produce energy. Thus, the dependence on carbs is lowered and this state of is called ketosis.
  • Avoid all foods that have any carb content and stick to fat and protein rich food items.
  • Make sure to consume loads of water to keep yourself from dehydration and feeling weak. You can add other liquids like caffeinated drinks with negligible sugar or broths.
  • One of the best suggested diets to reduce sugar levels and an increase the level of ketones is the ketogenic diet.
  • Ketogenic diet is known for its in numerous health benefits which include relief in insulin related diseases and diseases related to your metabolism.
  • Choose food items like bacon, eggs, avocados, oils, fish, meat, butter and make sure the vegetables that you choose are low in carbs most people prefer vegetables grown above the ground.
  • This diet makes your body function in a manner which helps it digest fat efficiently, so much so that certain fat in the liver is synthesised to ketones which help in the energy supply in our brain.

2. Ketogenic Diet For Weight Loss

  • If your body is burning fat then you are bound to lose weight. As the level of insulin lowers thus, storage of fat also gets difficult in the body and thus, begins the process of weight loss.
  • Little will you be expecting but this diet will help you curb your hunger urges. This so happens as your body is busy burning fat and you tend to use your previously stored energy as well. This process makes you fast intermittently without you actually realising it.
  • Low fat diet is often taken especially when planning for weight loss, but this healthy diet is actually a better solution and does the same with more benefits as well.
  • This diet is heavy and does not expect the follower of the diet to keep a count of the calories consumed by them.
  • As the consumption of protein is also increased thus, weight loss is promoted as proteins assist in weight loss.
  • Also, since your body is burning fat continuously during a ketogenic diet thus, weight loss is bound to happen without a question.
  • Further as insulin is decreased fat is unable to find its storage space. Also, since carbs are not being fed to the body thus, fats and proteins will be synthesised to produce carbs for dissipation of energy.

3. Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss One Month

The ketogenic diet is famous for helping in the conversion of fat to ketones. Its weight loss facet is bound to happen. Follow a diet similar to the one elaborated below to get best weight loss possible using this diet:
  • Breakfast: Pick between avocados, eggs, nuts and some coffee or tea preferably with low sugar. You can also choose between grilled or fried cottage cheese or tofu or a nice plate of raw vegetables as salad is perfect as well. You can choose between boiled eggs, omelettes, fried eggs or simply scrambled eggs.
  • Lunch: Some chicken, bacon, fish, stir fried vegetables with real butter or loaded with cheese. You can also opt for lettuce rolls with other veggies. Include kale or spinach with some eggs and a healthy platter is ready.
  • Snacks: Pick between nuts, berries, olives or simply some cold cuts with coconut milk will do no harm.
  • Dinner: healthy wholesome plate of any meat with a cream cheese dip or some steamed vegetables with a good sauce. You can also choose to eat cottage cheese steak or tofu.
  • Make sure to consume more than enough water.
  • Avoid starchy foods as they are rich in carbohydrates and will only hinder the ketosis and thus, slow down the weight loss process.

4. Keto Diet Plan For Beginners

After the above facts this is the guide for what exactly should keto diet plan be for the beginners:
  • Since you are a beginner, control your carb intake to 50 grams per day and then slowly bring it down to 20 grams a day which is the perfect cut down for a ketogenic diet.
  • Choose from food items like butter, oils, meat, eggs and even feel free to consume sea food and chunks of those yummy salmons.
  • High fat fruits and vegetables like avocados, olives, cucumbers, brinjal, broccoli are all appreciated in a ketogenic diet.
  • Consume ample water but avoid fizzy drinks, juices, chocolates, potatoes, bananas and desserts.
  • Also, avoid processed food and stick to naturally grown veggies and fresh meats and eggs while choosing your meal options.

5. Ketogenic Diet Side Effects

  • Ketogenic diet is a drastic shift in a normal persons diet. It can in the beginning show various side effects which are quiet similar to that of flu and are at time simply referred to as the Keto flu. These symptoms include headache, nausea, insomnia, lethargy and even a foggy brain at times.
  • As the process of ketosis can cause loss of water thus, leg cramps are commonly noticed in people following the ketogenic diet.
  • Some people might even face issues in bowel movement as a result of ketosis.
  • In rare cases though but still some people can experience a change in palpitations when following a ketogenic diet which usually happens due to dehydration. Thus, it is advised strongly to consume ample water when on a ketogenic diet.

6. Ketogenic Diet For Vegetarians Without Eggs

As we hear of a ketogenic diet the first thing that strikes our mind is eggs and meat, but did you know ketogenic diet without eggs is also possible. A comprehensive guide of the ketogenic diet for vegetarians will include: 1) Green vegetables like kale, spinach, lettuce are perfect inclusion to your ketogenic diet. 2) Avoid grains of all sorts as they lead to carb consumption and thus, the whole idea of ketosis gets lost in the process. Thus, the foods to avoid include starchy breads, whole grains, fruits and even tuber veggies. Read Complete Article Ketogenic Diet For Vegetarians Without Eggs

7. Ketogenic Diet For Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is the one in which your body does not produce insulin at all. Also, ketogenic diet leads to decline in production of insulin thus, it is essential to understand the relation between this diet and diabetes type 2. As, lowered blood sugar levels can be serious if you suffer from type 2 diabetes. While there are believes that a keto diet can be the causing factor for type 2 diabetes but the truth actually is that this diet does lower the blood sugar but not so much that it will get dangerously low. T rather helps in maintaining a reduced but healthy blood sugar level which in turn takes care of your sugar cravings and no spikes of sugar are needed thus, evading the need for insulin in your body. So to characterise the effect of ketogenic diet on diabetes, the following can be summed up: 1) Carb Levels: Carbohydrate levels need to be managed for type 2 diabetes. Ketogenic diet anyhow is scheduled to cut off on carb levels of your body. Read Complete Article Ketogenic Diet For Type 2 Diabetes

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