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As we hear of a ketogenic diet the first thing that strikes our mind is eggs and meat, but did you know ketogenic diet without eggs is also possible.

A comprehensive guide of the ketogenic diet for vegetarians will include:

1) Green vegetables like kale, spinach, lettuce are perfect inclusion to your ketogenic diet. 2) Avoid grains of all sorts as they lead to carb consumption and thus, the whole idea of ketosis gets lost in the process. Thus, the foods to avoid include starchy breads, whole grains, fruits and even tuber veggies. 3) Avocados, olives, nuts and high fat dairy products with low sugar are perfect inclusions to your keto diet. 4) Availability of vegetarian meats like tofu, tempeh, soy and seitan make it easy for vegetarian to follow ketogenic diet and attain the aim of weight loss.
  • The simplest way to manage a ketogenic diet for vegetarians is by being innovative in their approach to cook the vegetables using good quality oils like avocado oil, almond oil, olive oil or simply butter.
  • Enough vegetables and dairy products which are high in fat are easily available, just make sure to curb your carb cravings and try to stick to more fatty products to fulfil your daily calorie requirements.

A sample diet that can be followed for vegetarians trying to stick to ketogenic diet is detailed below:

For breakfast: Pick healthy options like coconut milk, an avocado and a nice serving of nuts and berries. For lunch: take a bowl full of veggies stir fried in butter or oil of your choice. Add some kale and spinach for a dose of protein. For snacks: You can munch on pumpkin fries, fried tofu or soy chips. For dinner: A platter of grilled tofu, cottage cheese or simply some veggies in a tortilla wrap can be just perfect. As the dependence here is majorly on veggies for fats thus, it is suggested that you avoid vegetables which are rich in starch and grow underground as they are rich in carbohydrate content. So take our word and be sure ketogenic diets are perfect for vegetarians too.

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