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Type 2 diabetes is the one in which your body does not produce insulin at all. Also, ketogenic diet leads to decline in production of insulin thus, it is essential to understand the relation between this diet and diabetes type 2. As, lowered blood sugar levels can be serious if you suffer from type 2 diabetes. While there are believes that a keto diet can be the causing factor for type 2 diabetes but the truth actually is that this diet does lower the blood sugar but not so much that it will get dangerously low. T rather helps in maintaining a reduced but healthy blood sugar level which in turn takes care of your sugar cravings and no spikes of sugar are needed thus, evading the need for insulin in your body.

So to characterise the effect of ketogenic diet on diabetes, the following can be summed up:

1) Carb Levels: Carbohydrate levels need to be managed for type 2 diabetes. Ketogenic diet anyhow is scheduled to cut off on carb levels of your body. 2) No sugar Spikes: Carbohydrate content changes to sugar in the blood stream and thus, sudden sugar spikes are formed which creates type 2 diabetes. These sugar spikes can be curbed only by controlling carb content which is the major aim behind the ketogenic diet. 3) Weight Loss: As ketogenic diet helps in weight loss it does help in fighting many diseases and one of them is type 2 diabetes. 4) Focus on Fat: This diet shifts the focus of yours from carbs and other ingredients to fats and preferably good fats. This in turn helps in managing the blood sugar. 5) High Fat yet perfect: As this is a high fat diet it changes the way you store and dissipate energy which drastically effects the symptoms and causes of diabetes. As a ketogenic diet forces the fat to be converted to energy rather than sugar. Thus, the sugar cravings are reduced and yet you feel energised. It seems to be a beneficial option for patients with type 2 diabetes. But then do consult your doctor before you start with one.

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