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All those people who are overweight, they dream to get a perfect body and sometimes they are ready to do anything to get in shape. A 20-year-old girl found it difficult to deal with her health and emotional well being. Hence she decided to get herself in right shape. Read on to see her story that is buzzing on internet these days:

#. Meet Kaitlyn Smith

1 Kaitlyn smith from Portland Oregon is a 2o-year-old who was struggling with her weight. She 5’5’’ and was having 414lbs weight. She had been advised to undergo a gastric bypass surgery to get into normal weight.

#. Journey To Health

2 However she faced a rude encounter with a surgeon. And she decided to go for proper fitness coach and healthy diet. This was the start of journey towards making herself healthy. Kaitlyn was put on a strict diet and advised a tough workout to follow.

#. Phenomenal Weight Loss

3 She started following her diet and went for her workout sessions six times a week. She was her own critic and would often bully her own self. She said wanted to get past the negative thoughts. She kept record of her progress on social media and she got 55,000 followers to motivate her. And with all of the self motivation, strict diet and work out in fifteen months she lost incredible 208lbs.

#. Excess Skin

4 However after the weight loss, Kaitlyn had excess loose skin all over her body. This was not only unattractive but also had health issues like joint pains, infections, tearing and irritation. For this she needed to undergo a surgery to get rid of saggy skin. So she started a fund raising campaign.

#. Procedures To Cut Saggy Skin

5 Dr Michael Salzhauer, read her concerns and offered to treat her free. She underwent various procedures such as surgeries, tummy tucks and skin removal from chest arms and back.

#. She Finally Her New Figure

6 After all the hard work of work sessions, strict diet, various surgeries for saggy skin, Kaitlyn finally revealed her new figure. She is now comfortable in her skin and body. She says “i am no longer a bitter, envious, depressed teenager. I am a happy, smiley, outgoing girl who loves herself and life.” Katie now encourages others to lose weight and keep fit.

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