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Eyes and their beauty have well documented in songs, poems. No wonder even today we are always talking about -how great or beautiful the eyes are and at times also saying eyes talk. Our eyes are one feature that has always captured our imagination and this is why women invest on eye makeup to enhance the beauty of their eyes. A good makeup box for sure will have a handful of tools like make brushes and different eyeliners. Among many eyeliner trends, winged eyeliner is one of most popular trend. Although applying winged eyeliner requires a bit of patience and practice but if you follow the instructions, you can master the art of putting it perfectly. Of all the different eyeliner brushes in your makeup box-you will need to do is select an angled eyeliner brush and black gel eyeliner as gel eyeliner makes it a lot simpler to get the perfect winged eyeliner:

1. Dip the angled brush in gel eyeliner and starting from the inner corner of your eyes, draw the line towards outer corner. The line on your outer corner should be thicker than inner corner.


2. Once done, create a wing on your eyes but dotting on the eyelids. Make sure that your wing is as close as possible the lashes and is lifted upward and is pointed.


3. Join the dots and create a full flick towards outer corner. To complete the look curl up your lashes and apply a stroke of mascara in your lashes.


4. And, Here Is How It Looks Like.


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