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Cat eye look has been a rave in the world of eye makeup from quite some time. The flirty makeup trick makes you look smarter and pretty in every outfit you wear. Although the look is not easy to achieve, if use the correct tools, products and technique you can master it in matter few tries. If you practice and experiment cat eyes a few times, you too can easily achieve the Lauren Conrad’s signature look. Read on to see how you can easily get the catchy and perfect cat eye look. Girls gather all the stuff we you need and get ready to get gorgeous, seductive and fun cat eye look with these steps :

Prepare Your Eyes

2 Image: Source Before you start to apply your eye makeup for cat eyes, you must clean and remove traces of dirt or makeup, oil or grime from your eyes and face. Once your face and eyes are clean, apply toner and a light moisturizer to get an even tone on your face. Use eye serum or under eye cream for dark circles, puffiness and redness from your eyes. Your eyes are now ready for cat eye makeup.

Choose Eyeliner

3 Image: Source Pick a eyeliner in black colour and it is suggested to use a liquid eyeliner for cat eyes. You can also choose to use gel base eyeliner, for this ensure that you use an angled brush. For liquid eyeliner, choose the variation that comes with felt tip will do the trick for perfect cat eyes. This is especially good if you are a beginner.

Spend Some Money On Cat Eye Stencils

1 Image: Source

Follow These Steps To Do Cat Eyeliner

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