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“Good health is true wealth” is by far a very true statement indeed. Among all the other blessings of God, health has been bestowed upon mankind as a great big favor from our Creator, and thus good health ranks on top no doubt, when we are enjoying all the health benefits in our prime age we don’t realize the importance of being healthy. So one should always make the most of what he/she has before the fall commence. Since the time of our birth, we undergo many tests from a medical point of view like for instance the infants’ go through several injection courses and medicines referred by doctors order to stay healthy as well as happy in their life ahead, and therefore when we grow up we should not have health-related problems in our life.

The pace of time was fleeting by silently and peacefully rather before it took its toll on the nations of the whole world at the end of the last year in December. We all got struck by a fatal disaster in the form of a disease caused by a puny little and unseen deadly virus known as Novel Corona Virus Covid-19 named by the World Health Organization(WHO) assisted by ICTV who actually give names to these viruses according to their genetic structure. The disease directly affected the patient’s throat at first and then proceeds towards the lungs which at times happens to be fatal if not looked after properly and cured on time.

Prevention is better than cure indeed before you face the adversary of falling into the hands of ailments we must take precautionary measures appropriately and efficiently to avoid falling sick. Hence, staying healthy is our extensive assets and the great gift of God, only those can fathom and comprehend the health’s importance who have been ill stricken for many years in their life. We take other things in life more dominantly and seriously than merely being completely agile and healthy like we usually and idiotically stress on putting wealth first over our health. There are various health benefits vital for our life to be considered seriously which are:

Life–Span Increases:

Well, it’s quite fathomable and understood that it’s a give and take policy followed by all entities in life, once we take extra care of our life, thus life will also care of us in return, indeed. If we are healthy, our life span will automatically increase, the immune system will boost, and so on, the life cycle goes on properly. How can we become healthy? That’s the main and salient key factor question, yes, we can be healthier firstly by developing good healthy eating habits, instead of chewing and devouring oily edible stuff which tends to deteriorate our health conditions adversely. Therefore we should embark on planning our daily diet chart by avoiding all oily and junk food and replacing them with green leafy vegetables and fruity diet in order to expand our life span.

The Immune System Boosts:

Having healthy eating habits may result in boosting our immune system vastly. Our Creator has created us well equipped with the immune system in our body which comprises of a network of billions and trillions of cells, tissues, and our vital organs that work as a team to attack the germs, bacterial infections and different viruses invaded in our body from the outside world. Our immune system creates antibodies to act as our defenders to keep us protected, safe, and healthy from all the outside infections to make us fall sick.

The immune system of the human body depends on many factors to boost extensively to make us healthier. Besides a good healthy diet, our mental status and health also count a lot in boosting or hindering our immune system. If one is quite young and healthy and has also the good eating habits but if one gets emotionally upsets or intensely disturbed by some mental or family issues or even going through some kind of depression due to multiple domestic or mental reasons, then the immune system of our body will hinder down immensely. So focus on your emotional and sentimental issues as well and be a positive, grateful, lively, and optimistic person towards the adversaries of life to enhance your immune system drastically.

Our happiness Counts On Our Health Conditions:

As it is popularly known that “healthy babies are happy babies” quite rightly stated. When children are healthier they are always playful, happy, and agile. Likewise, when adults are perfectly healthy they tend to be happy as well, How come?  Well of course our good health helps in oozing joyful favorable energy and positive vibes impulsively. Everything around and in the world seems beautiful and romantic, according to our switching moods, or else everything would seem rather dull, boring, uninteresting and blah blah blah if we are on our death bed or seriously ill.

Healthy Person Has Healthy Relationships: 

Once you are doing perfectly alright in your life due to your perfectly good health, which means you are happy with your life and the things around you, you should be grateful as well as thankful to your good health conditions. A healthy person generates positive vibes towards his /her siblings, friends and family or whoever he/she meets, whether it be a colleague, passers-by, neighbor, any hawker or a shopkeeper or even a beggar you will pass it on positive energy wherever you’ll go most definitely indeed. Because if a person is suffering from some kind of chronic disease then obviously his/her blood will burn due to the ailment hence such people tend to get irritated, angry, and perturbed very quickly and easily even on petty matters.

Your Work-Place Can Be Real Fun: 

At the office, school or any other place where you go for working from morning till evening, more than half of the day is spent usually at your workplaces except schoolings where you at least spend half of your day 5 days’ a week. Therefore our workplaces should be a place which could be counted as heaven on earth, where you could have a jolly good time with your colleagues as well as mates and even with your bosses. This could all be possible due to having a good healthy condition of your body, a healthy lifestyle, and healthy relationships with others. Otherwise normally a person who’s rather weak, vulnerable, and not physically fit and healthy from inside tends to change the environment of the office or any workplace into rather a battlefield.

Hankering for A Family Life:

A healthy person would want to have a family of his/her own as the urge to make babies is quite natural once you are blooming with a healthy life. Such persons would be friendly, loving, caring, and polite spouses as well as parents no doubt. Otherwise, a sick person would not hesitate to hit their spouses or beating up their children on trivial minor things as any disease or ailments tend to make you weak, vulnerable, irritated, and grumpy from inside.

A Yearnings For Travelling:

Traveling is something that takes up all your energy and potentialities and expenses to do so, it’s not at all an easy task. Only a healthy and physically fit person can enjoy traveling to the up northern hilly areas where there’s a problem of oxygen as well, the higher you go, the less oxygen you’ll find up there, So the best thing to do is to take care of your health first and then plan your travel logs. So guys and gals now you know the importance of being healthy all the time? Although staying healthy and fit always is not possible and not in your hands, we all do get ill at times on and off and from time to time, but if we follow the proper diet plan and do exercises daily light or heavy, depending on the kind of health you have, then leading a happy, far better than just normal life would become a piece of cake to all of us to live.

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