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It is really sad when the food we eat, sets in the belly! It gets tough to get rid of belly fat, after all we spend long hours sitting in the office. You will find many tips and exercises to lose your weight, but the recipe for a slim waist is not that tough. You have to keep a few things in mind and be sincere enough to abide by them. Of course, you do need to indulge in a few exercises, but it would be better to practice those which would really help in reducing weight, instead of wasting your time in the ones which don’t give results that soon. Here is what you must keep in mind:


1 Simple act of brisk walking for half an hour gets you into a healthy routine. It boosts up your metabolism and can give you results in the longer run. But if you want to get rid of it sooner, her is a list of exercises that you must bring in your daily life, no matter how busy you are. After all, a good shape is the way to a happy mind, right? 1. Oblique Bench Crunch You might have heard of many crunches, but this would give definite result. Lie down on your back with your knees on the chair, as shown in the images. Keep your thighs straight in the vertical position. Next, you should lift your shoulders, and try to touch your right knee with the right elbow by twisting your torso. Repeat the same with your left side and ensure you do 15 repetitions on each side. You will feel the burn, and get results quick. 2. Knee Tuck Lean such a way on the bench that only your butt is in touch with it. Use your hands to keep the right balance and then try to bring your knees towards your chest. Do 15 repetitions. 3. Reverse Crunch Lie on the bench and keep your knees bent downwards, making sure that only your toes touch the floor. Hold the bench at the head level and lift your knees straight towards your chest, engaging your entire body as shown in the image. Keep the shoulders stiff and at the same position. Again do 15 repetitions. 4. Toes to Ceiling Hip Raise Just like reverse crunch, you have to lie on the bench and hold it with your hands at head level. Now, keeping your legs straight, raise them towards the ceiling as high as you can. Do 15 repetitions. In the beginning, you can do 2-3 sets of each exercise and increase the duration as you get comfortable. You need to spend time working out on your belly and these exercises would prove to be the best.

Eat The Right Food

56hsd4 Just as they say, healthy food is the way to healthy body. Eat food rich in carbohydrates like cauliflower and cabbage. When carbohydrates are burned, you lose weight quickly. Reduce the intake of meat as it has a lot of starch in it, which converts into fat in your body. You need to take lesser amount of calories and indulge in those which make you feel fuller for longer duration. Proteins help in stopping your hunger pangs and thus, a protein-rich breakfast will do you good. Also, try not to eat anything after 8pm as you rarely tend to do any work later. You will not be able to burn the calories that you take late in the night and this will result in nothing, but belly fat. “A moment on the lips, forever on hips.”

Remain Positive

3 You won’t get results in two days. It takes quite a lot of time to lose weight. At least a month is required to have results that people can tell! Thus, it is crucial to keep yourself motivated. Have the posters of your role models in your room, or follow them on social media and I bet you will want to achieve a body like them. Don’t get disappointed if you break your pattern, but keep trying till your goal is reached. Be optimistic that you are going to achieve results, no matter how long it takes or no matter what you do. Reward yourself with the things you love, when you do succeed in sticking to a routine for a week or when you run more miles than you expected. Try not to skip your walk, thinking that it’s “only one time.” The more you do, the more you would want to skip it. Be strict with yourself. Seriously-- half an hour walk--is that so difficult?

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