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There are many ellipticals on the market today, some very small and others monstrous, taking up half of your home gym. They are now selling commercial-grade ellipticals as an option for those with a large home gym. Most of us, however, are not so lucky to have an entire garage gym or large inside home gym. For those of us not in that spacious position, what can we do to make the most of our space? For starters, we need to choose machines that offer many different possible workouts & target multiple muscle groups. Next comes your cardio machine- that would be a treadmill, elliptical, rower, or bike. These are all large machines that tend to take up more space than other exercise gear, which is why we recommend the compact elliptical trainer! You get a great cardio workout and save a ton of space, whether that's vertical space or horizontal.

Why a Compact Elliptical Trainer May Work for You

Are you starting to create your own home gym amidst all the stress of working out at a commercial gym during this global pandemic? Well, you're not alone! Home gym equipment sales have gone up, and many families are finally taking their workouts into their own hands. When building your home gym, the first thing you want to consider is how much space you have and what muscle groups you want to target. Most exercisers always work in some type of cardio, and if you live somewhere where doing it outside isn't an option, a home cardio machine might be a great investment. Not enough space for one, you might think? Well, this is where a compact elliptical trainer comes in! A compact elliptical offers a good chunk of the benefits that a regular one has, yet it is usually foldable, storable, and takes up less space when it is in use, too.

Specs to Look for in a Compact Elliptical

Stride Length

The stride length your machine has is a very important factor to consider when looking to purchase an elliptical. There are tons of compact ellipticals on the market that will short change your stride length, leaving you with a very uncomfortable and inefficient cardio session; we say to opt for the longer stride. You may have to pay more for this, but it is totally worth it. The average stride length for an elliptical is anywhere from 18"-20". If you are very tall, you may need a longer stride length, and a shorter one if you are very short.

Maximum Height

How tall are your ceilings? Chances are, ceiling height has not crossed your mind while searching for your compact trainer. However, this is another must-consider when doing your research for the right model that will fit your space! While using an elliptical, you move up & down as you make your strides. Would a few head bumps on the ceiling steer you away from using this machine again? Chances are, yes. Well, the average step-up height (the highest you will be vertically on your machine) for a compact trainer is 10". If you are 6' and your ceiling height is 6'6", there's no way your elliptical will work. Look for a lower step-up height or a different machine in general if this is the case for you.


Now, how hard are you really trying to push? If you are more of a cardio expert, chances are you'll need a machine with multiple resistance levels. As a compact elliptical is usually cheaper than a regular model, they tend to cut off some of the features you might expect on an elliptical. Take the resistance levels into consideration and find one that will be challenging enough for you! All in all, a compact elliptical is a great option for those building a home gym that doesn't have a tone of space. Our best advice we can give is to write down the amount of space you have, features you can't live without, and check out the reviews of some models that fit your list. Let us know what you find and if you have any questions!

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