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Are you searching for the perfect containers to store your DIY beauty products in? We've put together a list of our favorite containers, as well as where you can find them. One of the first questions you might have if you're a newbie to DIY beauty and wellness is to get containers to store your decorative perfume bottles. Which are the finest containers for keeping natural lip balm, and which are the finest containers for keeping homemade body lotion? You might even question if you can make DIY products out of discarded containers.

So, we're going to crumble the best containers for skincare items, handmade cosmetics, as well as other DIY beauty recipes that we've discovered. If you're a beginner to DIY beauty and even a veteran master, selecting the right container to store your products fresh is essential, notably if you went through all the trouble of buying the best material in making your skincare products. We also wanted to provide a quick and comprehensive list of where we buy our most utilized containers because we received a lot of questions about where we source our packing.

How to Pick Containers for Homemade Skincare?

When it comes to selecting the perfect packaging for your DIY makeup and cosmetic products, there are a few things to think about: The product's active components. Essential oil items, for example, should not be stored in plastic vessels. The duration of the product's life span: Shorter containers are better for skincare items with smaller shelf lives since body lotion can last longer than handmade ones. The consistency of the components: For more delicate components or mixtures, use dark, firmly sealed containers like UV pump bottles. Because they fast, goods like vitamin C serums or those with citrus essential oils or polyunsaturated carrier oils fall into this category.

The items are easy to use: For example, a handmade face cream, including water, is better off in a pumping container than in a readily tainted jar. So, with these thoughts in mind, here's our list of favorite DIY beauty containers. Face masks, washing balms, and facial scrubs should be stored in the following containers. These beautiful tinted glass jars with solid wood caps are among our most often used and favorite containers for keeping a range of DIY beauty products, particularly facial skincare.

We like that they're made from glass rather than plastic, which is better for the planet. However, they also have a nice natural appearance. We desired to utilize vessels that'd make us stick out when we started our DIY beauty adventure, so we went to something a little distinct from the normal containers we saw using to store homemade beauty items. However, let me start by saying that you can use any vessel that keeps your items fresh.

We use these gorgeous containers to keep our DIY cleaning balms, but they truly add a touch of luxury to our created goods. We often use them to store facial masks and scrubs that we make at home. The jars are composed of tough frosted glass with a large mouth that makes filling a breeze.

These beauty containers are available in several sizes, including:

  • Jars with Bamboo Lids, 100g Frosted Glass Jars
  • 50g Bamboo Lids on Frosted Glass Jars
  • Jars with Bamboo Caps, 30g Frosted Glass Jars
  • Jars with Bamboo Lids, 15g Frosted Glass Jars

If you want to produce beauty goods to market, they're also available in bulk.These glass jars are ideal for facial treatments, but they also can be used to store balms or glosses, and the smaller versions can be used to store lip scrubs or lip balms.

The Best Containers For Skincare Products And Scrubs Created At Home

We frequently keep our DIY lip balms in reused glass jars from store-bought makeup and skincare goods. The clear glass lip balm vials featured here, for example, are RMS Beauty dregs. To cover the logo on the lid, we produced simple printable labels. However, gathering enough empty bottles for DIY products such as lip balm may take a very long time! We were thrilled to find identical containers in bulk after seeking a cheap supplier.

We've also prepared home lip balms in miniature versions of our favorite glass containers and glass jar with wooden covers. These are, once again, incredibly popular among our readers, so if you want to market your goods, we strongly advise you to use them. Face creams, setting sprays, scented lotions, and face mists should be stored in these containers. For our DIY cosmetics setting sprays, we use Rail19's eco-friendly, apothecary-style light spray glass vials. They're also useful for keeping facial toners or sprays.

These lovely spray bottles will elevate your skincare products to another level of wealth with their luxurious gold or silver tips. They are 6.5′′ tall and hold approximately 8 ounces of fluid. However, smaller 4-ounce ones are also available. Good mist glass spraying bottles are also great for any essential oil-based product, such as beauty sprays. Because essential oils can corrode plastic, all massage products must be made of glass.

We've utilized these tinted glass spray bottles for distributing and keeping our pillow mists, and volatile oils room sprays in addition to their makeup and cosmetic uses. They can also be used to hold a toner or a DIY spray deodorant. Of course, you may reuse spraying bottles from the other items, but make sure to fully disinfect the bottles and wipe out the pumps with warm soapy water. For example, if you place a large spray on the bottle of Cortas rose water, it can be reused. Rosewater is also helpful on its own; it can be used to make rose water beauty spray, micellar water, and other products.

The Bottom Line

We hope you like this list of DIY beauty vessels. You, like other beauty producers, are likely concerned about finding the best components. So, of course, you want to ensure that your creations are protected and preserved for as long as needed. Not to mention nicely presenting them!

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