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Ask any girl and she will tell how she is in a deep relationship with her heels and heels are her best friend. The fashionistas and Divas will always tell you how a good heel can actually add an X-Factor to their personality and add “Oomph” to their style. But we all also know wearing heels that too for a very long duration can be painful, distressing and one actually start feeling “the Ouch” straight away. The pain maybe experienced in toes, legs, calves and it starts showing on your face. But there are ways which can help to sort out these issues. A few simple hacks and we are all good to party like celebrities. Read on to make your feet high heel ready:

1. Tape Your Toe Fingers

1 Take a duct tape and tape your second and third toe fingers together. This will lessen the pressure in veins when you wear the heels and this way you can avoid swelling.

2. Roll On Antiperspirants On Feet

2 To avoid blisters on your feet, roll on antiperspirants on your feet. This will also help you to easily slide into your stilettos.

3. Break The Tight Fit With Zipper Bags

3 When you buy high heels, they are pretty tight in their fitting. To loosen up the fit, place a zipper bag filled with water inside the heels. Place the heels in the freezer and once the water turns into ice, break the ice inside your heels. This trick will stretch your heels and make it perfectly ready to wear them comfortably.

4. Use Hairdryer On Socks

4 Wear a thick pair of socks and slide into your heels, blow dry both of your feet for a minute. The heat will break the heel and stretch your shoes to shape of your feet. Use the socks as insoles all through the day.

5. Dry Shampoo Your Feet

5 Before gliding your feet in the heels, splash some dry shampoo all over your feet to avoid sweating.

6. Avoid Switching From High Heels To Flats

6 To give your feet the comfort of flats, do not start wearing flats right after wearing heels. Move to low or medium heels and then to flats to allow your feet to adjust to height difference.

7. Use Sandpaper At The Base

7 Rub sandpaper all over the base of your high heels. This will prevent your shoes from slipping and prevent you from tripping or falling.

8. Invest In Cushion Pads

8 Always wear heels with padding as this will provide comfort to your feet.

9. Soften Your feet

9 Dip your feet in warm water for 20 minutes to relax and soften your feet. Carry this process a night before wearing your heel to make your feet glide well in the heels.

10. Buy It When Sun Sets

10 By the time sun sets, your feet get swelled up, and this is the perfect time to try the heels to find the correct fit.

11. Utilize Vaseline To Sparkle Your Heels.


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