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Motherhood is the most precious feeling in the world, but it comes with responsibilities. With kids to look after and running a household, it can be overwhelming sometimes to keep track of your health routine. With endless loads of laundry, meal prep for the whole family, and organizing your children’s time table can sometimes make mothers lose track of their healthy eating routine and managing weight.

Taking care of your health means taking care of your whole family. Motherhood should never stop you from achieving your body goals. This article is for you and how you can achieve your weight loss goals by making small changes in your daily lifestyle that will benefit not only you but also your family.

Weight loss tips for busy moms struggling with weight loss

The following steps aim to help you simplify your life to make those weight loss goals more accessible in your busy motherhood routine.

1. Improve eating habits

When you are a busy mom, you must have grab whatever comes in your hand when you are rushing out of the door to drop your kids at school or going to work. Or most of the mothers’ finish what is left on their children’s plate and call it a day. You need to make a meal plan for yourself and your family to make sure you are eating healthier. Following are some of the ways you can improve your eating habits:

  • Preplanning is the best way to track your eating habits. Plan what you will eat the next day, the evening before.
  • Weekends are the best time to cook several meals in portions for the week ahead. This way, you can make several dishes and freeze them, which can later be warmed up.
  • Always stock up on fruits and vegetables so you can quickly fix a salad on days you don’t get time to prepare lunch for work.

2.Track your calories

Track your calories throughout the day to understand your consumption and composition of your meals. When you start tracking your calories by keeping a food diary, you are more likely to lose weight faster, as you know, when you have reached your daily consumption.

Tracking your calories helps you in making smarter choices as you get to know that a square of brownie contains 112 calories in comparison to a pitted date with only 20 calories. Instead of cappuccinos, you start taking black coffee and black tea, and unsweetened apple syrup substitutes processed sugar, etc. This not only helps you in weight loss but also keeps those extra pounds away for good. 

3. Avoid morning rush

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most mothers are in a morning rush as they are getting their kids ready for school, their lunch boxes,and prepping for the day ahead. In this frenzy, most mothers don’t have a proper breakfast until noon or go to their jobs without breakfast at all.

Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day for a reason. Research shows that breakfast is linked to better concentration levels, low levels of bad cholesterol, and lower chances of getting heart disease, diabetes, and being overweight. Here are some quick breakfast suggestions for busy moms:

  • High-fiber cereal with low-fat milk.
  • Low-fat protein shake with frozen fruit.
  • Bran/mixed grain toast with honey or peanut butter.
  • A bowl of fat-free yogurt or a glass of milk.

4. Generous, healthy snacks supply

Being a mom is the most tiring job in the world! You have to start prepping early before everyone, and low sleep levels can make it hard to maintain constant energy levels throughout the day. If you are struggling with meal plans, then try to take some time for yourself and keep an abundant supply of a variety of healthy snacks in your kitchen.

Healthy snacks will ensure that you are binge eating on healthy snacks and not on junk food with high sodium. Following are some healthy snack ideas for busy moms:

  • Hummus and chopped vegetables.
  • Pre-baked tortilla chips and guacamole.
  • Salsa and home-baked chips.
  • Chopped fruits and peanut butter.
  • Frozen grapes and unsweetened applesauce gummies.
  • Greek yogurt.

5. Avoid sugary drinks and snacks

Try not to buy snacks with refined carbohydrates as they have a high concentration of added sugars, e.g., milk chocolates, sweet cream-filled biscuits, soda, and pops. Try to go for nutrient-dense food like vegetables, dairy foods like cheese, and wholegrain alternatives like wholemeal pasta, brown rice, multigrain bread, etc.

6. Batch cooking

You can utilize your free time on weekends to prepare meals for the next week. Batch cooking is a great time saver. You can make different meals like grilled chicken, frozen fruits, boiled and cooked vegetables to have ready-made meals for your whole family. It will ensure that you get a minimum dinner takeout for the rest of the week.

7. Break a sweat anywhere and anytime

You don’t need a gym to tone your body and burn calories. Instead of sitting on your sofa and surfing through TV, you can utilize this free time to exercise at home. You need to take 15 minutes out of your busy routine and do a HIIT home-based workout that ensures maximum calorie burn even after the exercise.

Challenge yourself to small exercises like 100 squats a day. You can do these anywhere, anytime, like cooking in the kitchen, brushing your teeth, doing laundry, etc. If you are looking for losing weight fast, then you may also opt for Slimmingcenters near you, offering HYPOXI training as it targets the stubborn fat to get quick results.

8. Stay hydrated

Mothers are so busy with family and household chores that they only think about getting a glass of water when they feel parched. To ensure maximum weight loss, make sure you are getting enough water. Stay hydrated!

Keep a water bottle with you all the time and challenge yourself into drinking four, 500 ml water bottles daily. It will not only help you with detoxing your body from harmful toxins that result in weight gain due to water retention but also keeping your skin fresh and glowing.

9. Take a break – have some coffee

A caffeine boost is perfect to increase your bowel movements and metabolism. It gives you an instant energy boost, which helps in burning more calories as it is rich in anti-oxidants. So take a break and opt for black coffee or green tea to boost your mood and lose weight.

10. You deserve a slimming massage!

When you get free time on the weekends or weekdays when your kids are on a school trip, you may opt slimming centers in Dubai that can help you lose weight amidst the scorching hot weather of Dubai. If you cannot go out for exercise due to heat, take some time for yourself and consult professionals who can guide you about your body mass and administer slimming massage techniques to target body areas of your choice.

Slimming massages like LPG not only help with cellulite reduction, but it also relieves your everyday stress and tension from your body by increasing blood flow. You have a chance to get your body rebooted every weekend to take on challenges throughout the week.

Your body is a Temple – Tend to it!

A mother is an anchor for the whole family. You need to take care of your body not only for yourself but for your family that loves and cherishes you. The steps mentioned above will not only help you lose weight but will guide you with a healthy lifestyle and a happier life, not only for you but for your whole family.


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