Tips to Get Perfect Eyebrows Every Time

One of the important aspects of your face is the eyes. Your eyes express your personality and inner self. To give your eyes a well defined look, it is not only important to apply right makeup on your eyes but also keep your eyebrows in neat shape.

Most women get their eyebrows tamed at beauty salon. To get the perfect shape one should make sure that you do not shape them too thin or too dense. Scroll over to get some tricks and tips to keep your eyebrows in perfect shape all the time :

1. Find Right Spot From Where Your Inner Eyebrows Should Begin

To find the perfect spot from where your inner eyebrows should start from, take a pencil and mark the edge of nose to fall straight line on inner eyebrow corner.

Dot the lines on both the eyes.

2. How To Get Perfect Arch

To find a spot for perfect arch, take the pencil and mark up the outer edge of your nose and outer edge of your iris. The points at which your pencil will cross your brows will the point where you should make your arch. Dot the arch on both of your eyes using an eye pencil.

3. Where To end Your Eyebrows

To find a spot to end your eyebrows is as important as finding the start point of eyebrows.

Place the pencil from the edge of nose to outer corner of your eye. The point at which your pencil crosses your outer brow would be the right point to end your eyebrows. Dot the spot with eye pencil on both the eyes.

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