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Your eyes are the doorway to your inner being and reflect your personality. When it comes down to looking beautiful girls and women of all ages have a special and deep desire to get a gorgeous look in their eyes. And with modern day eyeliners and techniques it is not too difficult to achieve this. It may require some practice a, a few tweaks and strokes to understand what works best for your eyes. Tight lining your water line is a simple technique that enhances and highlights your eyes. When you apply eyeliner correctly to tightlining it gives your eyes a brighter and more awake look, read on:

1. Mae Your Eyes Appear Brighter

1 Tight lining eyelashes is technique in creates an illusion of fuller and darker lashes. The trick is to define your lashes and make them appear thicker. Since the eyeliner is applied near to your eyeball, make sure that you use a gel or pencil eyeliner. Use a good quality which has soft bristles or use a felt tip brush to apply eyeliner.

2. How To Apply

2 To tight line your lashes, lift your eyelid so that you can easily see the base of your eyelashes. Fill the brush with the pigment and stroke the water line gently. Wiggle the brush a few times to fill the gap between your lashes and liner. Make sure that you move from outer corner of your eyelid towards inner corner. Clean up the smudges with a q-tip and curl up your lashes to complete the look. You can apply a coat of mascara to add volume to your eye lashes. To pop up and emphasis your eyes, run your eye pencil a few times on your lower lash as well.

3. Watch the video here to perfect the art of tight lining:

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