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Heads up workout lovers - this article is for you! Whether you are a gym enthusiast, a dance lover, or even if you’re thinking about opening up a gym or a dance academy, there are some things you should take into consideration, and today we’re here to talk about one of them - Mirrors!

Besides being gorgeously elegant and absolutely essential to perfect your moves, let’s be honest, everyone regardless of their workout type, level of personal fitness or dance style benefits from mirrors in a gym or dance studio. They are an extremely important piece if you want to get serious and improve your overall performance or figure. It allows people to evaluate the height, shape, and line of their movement, as well as adjusting their placement. Whether you’re a fitness freak or a dancing enthusiast, mirrors will offer immediate visual feedback - amazingly helpful in self-correction and in improvement. Still not sure if they’re ideal for you? We’ll give you a couple more reasons why you might need them:

Why Do You Really Need a Gym/Dance Mirror?

“But they are so big”; ”I can work just fine with smaller half body mirrors”; “Maybe my clients don’t even notice them that much”. If those thoughts have crossed your mind, there are two big aspects you need to know about: Practicality and Aesthetics.


It makes a workspace much safer. Stretching areas and weight zones are a good place for mirrors so that people can see exactly what position and movements they are making while stretching or lifting.

We can’t stress enough how much a genuine reflection is an important learning and teaching tool. The reflected image should be undistorted and clear so you can see exactly what your body is doing and where you’re meant to be doing it.


Besides making space feel way larger than it really is, mirrors can also help make the most of a room’s natural light (even more gym/dance mirrors!). Not only is that a major improvement in your moves but it also makes the room much prettier and wider than the classic white walls. It can also create a more relaxed, comfortable, and chill atmosphere for the more art-based styles of exercise, such as Pilates or Yoga!

What Should You Be Looking For in a Gym/Dance Mirror?

Now, these mirrors should be highly resilient, crystal-clear, versatile enough to cover up your entire wall, easy to install, and, of course, price-friendly. Like any other endeavor, it is crucial to carefully examine all the different parameters before making your final choice. Because the market is full of products, here are some features to take into consideration that might help you make a better decision:


One of the most important aspects that you will have to factor in is the size of the wall available. It will depend on where you want to place your mirror and if you’re thinking on an end to end or corner to corner type. For instance, I recommend a wall to wall mirror, as it can truly be a major improvement in the space and in the environment of the studio. Make sure you measure the entire length of the wall!

When it comes to the height of the gym mirror, the standard is 6 feet, although it is not unusual for it to be up to 8 feet. You can actually decide on its height and have it cut, according to your needs. Also, always allow a 0.08 - 0.11in / 2 - 3mm gap around the edges for a snug fit and ensure that you have about 0.2 - 0.3in / 6 - 7mm free for adjoining corners so that the adjoining seam is secure and elegant.

Glass or Acrylic?

These are the most common types of material used in mirrors. If it is reflection fidelity that you are after, then the glass is your best answer. However, caution must be a priority as it isn’t really shatterproof and can cause a serious health hazard. Shatterproof dance studio mirrors like these are the best option to set up your gym or home gym. If you’re looking for a particular designed or styled form, you can always opt for acrylic or even a plastic mirror. However, they may also not be as resistant as you might think. They are incredibly thin, usually about 0.12in / 3mm, and as such are prone to flexing. Due to this aspect, you may not get the kind of pure reflection that you wish.


The general rule is that the thicker the mirror plate, the sturdier it is. The problem with thin mirrors is that they are prone to flexing, especially acrylic ones, as I’ve mentioned previously. So, to help you get along just fine, you should try to go with a 0.11 - 0.2in / 3 – 5mm thickness. That should perfectly work for you. This is important because you want the mirror face to be thick and resilient but also made from finely polished high-quality glass so that it delivers a distortion-free and crystal clear reflection.


The best installation method differs according to your space and personal preferences. This is all about ease, effectiveness, and practicality. While some dance studio wall mirrors are supported by little hardware pieces on the top, bottom and sides, others use an actual metal bar below to hold them or even a hanging bar behind the mirror face. If you opt for an Acrylic mirror they will typically come with a very flexible material, therefore they must be applied to a completely flat surface.

I suggest using some MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) to ensure that the mirror is on a completely smooth area. If you are ordering a mirror with larger dimensions, you might also want to consider the 0.2in / 5mm thick acrylic mirror, which is more rigid and will safely endure the transport and installation without any problems. Also, in case you need any help at all with the installation, with some defect, or even anything else that might come up, going for a brand that offers effective, friendly, and responsive customer support is essential!


Whether you’re thinking about opening a gym or a dance studio or even if your practice at home, large mirrors can really update and improve your style. They can be used in different places for different uses, but they are most effective when they help you work out more effectively and safely. With these beauties, you’ll be sure to absolutely ace your dance moves or get a perfect shaped body just in time for summer, while also getting that classy, elegant and highly professional look.

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