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We all follow beauty tricks and hacks to make our everyday routine easier. These tricks help us to enhance our looks and get a flawless look. We love to learn and share new makeup and beauty tips, however at times we follow them incorrectly. In fact unconsciously we have been following some of the hacks and tips so wrongly that we have believed them to be the right. Scroll over to find the mistakes you been making in your beauty regime and how you can rectify the errors in your beauty regime:

1. Free Handing The Liner

1 Not all of us are blessed with an artistic hand to freely apply the liner. Use scotch tape to from the outer corner of eyes to outer eye brows. This will help you to get right and perfect winged shaped eyeliner.

2. Liquid Eyeliners

2 Do not use liquid eyeliners for under eyes, they will give an overwhelming look. Instead opt for dry eyeliner to complete the look on under eyes.

3. Over applying Lipsticks

3 Never apply too many coats of lipstick on your lips, instead apply two coat of it and carry your lipstick with you to do the re-touch.

4. Not Keeping Teeth Clean

4 Some women have habit of biting their lips which leaves lipstick marks on the teeth. Care must be taken these marks are removed immediately.

5. Pick The Right Foundation

5 Most of us test the shade of foundation on our hands before purchasing the right shade. However the correct way of choosing the foundation is test it on your neck. The skin complexion of your neck and face is usually same and it is best advised to choose the shade that matches the skin tone of your neck than the skin tone of your arms.

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