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Let’s admit it, we all want to shed those pounds off our body without taking the effort of following a weight loss workout session. We dream to get an amazing beach perfect toned up body, but our lazy bones just want look for easier way out. So how do the lazy bumps (including me) get there? You can easily drop a few pounds without having to follow strenuous workout. All you need to do is watch out for what you eat. Yes you read it right, more than 70 % of your weight loss depends on what you eat and while following a workout contributes only 20 to 25 % of to your weight loss. Scroll over as we explore how our eating habits effect our weight loss process and you can burn fat without having to hit the gym:

1. Follow Healthy Diet


Fast foods may give you a feeling of satiety temporarily and they even satisfy your sweet cravings, however you all know these are our worst enemies especially when you challenging yourself to lose weight. Instead indulge in a balanced diet that provides your body energy and all the essential nutrients for your body to function every day. Switch your diet plan to nutritious and low calorie diet plan. Include fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats and cut down on white flours and sugary treats.

2. Boosts Up Your Metabolism


Each of you has different metabolism and your weight loss also depends on metabolism. There are many individuals who have a super fast metabolism and this is why you may come across some people losing weight faster than other.

3. The Heavier You Are, Better Are Your Chances To Lose Weight


Another factor affecting your weight loss is your starting weight. Women who weigh higher lose weight faster than those with less weight. This applies even when you switch your diet to healthy foods.

4. Sleep And Stress Levels Also count


Apart from your diet and metabolism, another factor that affects you weight loss is your sleep and stress levels. People who are stress free and get enough sleep often lose faster and more easily than with those who sleep for lesser hours or are under stress. This generally happens due to the fact that the longer you are awake, the more you eat. Similarly, when stress yo u binge on eating which adds weight to your body.

5. Maintaining an Active Lifestyle


While it is try that we all want to lose weight without making many efforts, it is important to note that maintaining a sedentary lifestyle will simply weaken your bones and muscles over a period of time. An active lifestyle helps to maintain low blood pressure, lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, improves mental levels and provides better bone density.

6. Disadvantages Of Not Exercising


You may want to sit on weight and do nothing about it – not even hit any gym – but this attitude in longer run causes loss of muscles. Losing weight without hitting the gym could actually be muscle loss. This means after your body uses up stored fats from your body, it starts using the muscles to get the energy. Losing muscles slowly rips your body of the strength and eventually lowers your metabolism.

7. Alternative To Hitting The Gym


If for some reason, you don’t see yourself hitting the gym, bring a few changes in your everyday routine to keep your body moving. Talk your pup for a walk, instead of elevators use stairs and put your best forward and go walking. Pick up an activity that interest you, like dancing, swimming, boxing, running or cycling. These activities will long way in reducing your weight.

8. High Intensity Interval Training


for those of you who are aiming to get their body back in shape, it is best suggested to take high intensity interval training (HIIT). Try to get moving and include excercises like squats, pulls, battle ropes, lunges and other such exercise which will not engage your core but all other muscle groups. Target yourself to to HIIT twice a week and follow it together with a healthy diet plan and cardio moves like walking, jogging or running. Keep stress away and make sure that you get proper sleep. Combine all these factors will for sure give better results than depending diet alone to lose weight.

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