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Imagine you have a good upper figure, but your thighs are ruining your body shape. Thigh fat is one of the most issue areas in women body when it comes to fat. Undoubtedly it makes you look weird from the lower section and restricts you to wear short dresses. Moreover, if you have thigh fat with the belly fat, it is the toughest task to melt the fat. But you are lucky, as there are efficient and easy ways to help you shrink the thigh fat. Before you begin considering exercise or planning a diet for you, try following tips that will assist you to melt inches of thigh fat in only 2 weeks. Scroll down to see how you can lose an inch from thigh in two weeks :

Measure Your Thighs

1 First of all, you should be aware that what is your thighs size, then you need to make a plan how much you need to lose.

Massage Your Legs and Thighs

2 Massage is very healthy for the body, so daily massage your legs aiming at thighs. Massage will increase blood flowing and reduce the cellulite by massaging your skin.

Start Exercise

6 You don't have to start with 40-50 minutes work out, firstly just make little lifestyle changes in your life. Do you know that 20 minutes of exercise per day will allow you to naturally start losing weight, so don't force your body and start with 20-minute exercise.

Count Your Calories

4 Start writing what you are eating and try to eat less than 1500. Monitoring your calories will help you to manage your diet in an efficient way. So take 4-5 mini meals in a whole day and that is sufficient.

Drink Water

5 Drinking lots of water can help you to shed extra fat from your body. And it is recommended to drink hot water as with the only help of hot water you can lose up to 2 kg in a month.

So The Result is Here

obese-vs-thin-woman-facebook By just following these easy and less time taken steps you can lose two inches in two weeks. You just need to be regular and determined and you will get amazed by the results.

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