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Contouring is a technique that is essentially done to define and reshape an area of face like cheekbones, nose or forehead. It is done with use of matte cream or powder to hide imperfections of your face. Contouring enhances your facial features and gives your face a defined look with a subtle finish. Contouring is no longer limited to those run away models or celebrities and is now a part daily beauty regime of many women. One of the areas that girls often like contour is their nose to make it appear thinner. Scroll over as we bring you steps to contour your nose perfectly:

1. Choose Right Shade

1 This is an important aspect of contouring, always choose a shade that is 1 to 2 shades darker than your skin tone. For contouring your nose you will need to invest in matte bronzer, sculpting powder, eye brow brush and eye shadow brush.

2. Outline Contour Lines

2 Apply and blend in foundation and concealer well on your face. Apply a coat of translucent powder to create a base for contouring. With help of an angled brush outline two parallel contour lines from your brow bone to nose tip.

3. Bridge Nose with Highlighter

3 Using a highlighter that lighter than your skin tone, bridge your nose from the top of your to tip. This trick will emphasize on your nose and make it appear thinner.

4. For Wider Nose Tip

4 If the tip of your nose is wide or think, apply highlighter only till mid-section of your nose. To create a natural effect, use a nude shade to highlight your nose.

5. Blend In

5 Blend in the lines using a fluffy brush on contour and highlighter lines. Ensure that you do not end up wiping off the lines. Let a subtle effect contour line stay o your nose.

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