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Makeup and makeup tools are our everyday essentials without which we cannot compliment our look. To enhance their beauty and look attractive women love to invest on good quality and top notch makeup brands. Most of the brands have their unique brand logo that is quite prominently placed on their products. However with ever growing market, there are many fake products too available these days, which are sold at more or less price. To avoid the mistake of falling in trap of imitation or fake products one must check the product before purchasing it. Scroll over to find how you can distinguish between a real and a fake makeup product :

1. Unique Features On The Brushes

1 One of the best of way to identify a real makeup brush is through its signature design. All makeup brushes will have their own signature designs in and features which will be easy to identify on original product. Apart from this, the bristles of real makeup brushes are dense and are held quite strong and would not fall out if pulled out.

2. Packaging

2 The made in origin of the country is clearly stamped on the original MAC brushes and the M of MAC is well written, unlike in fake where it is M is slightly smaller than should be.

3. Texture

3 The real MAC blush on will have the brand name written in a thicker, brighter and bolder font. The texture of the product is silky compared to fake one in which the texture is rough. The smell of the fake product will be like waxy and bitter however a original MAC blush on is fragrance or odour free.

4. Buy The Product From Official Counter Or Store

4 It is always best to buy the branded makeup from their respective stores or counters. These retail outlets will have the retail staff which is trained to sell the product and they will be sourcing the products directly from the brand itself.

5. Check For Barcode And Manufacturing Information

5 The real and authentic makeup range of the branded products will always carry a proper barcode, manufacturing details and will have a unique serial number.

6. Checks For The Shades

6 Before purchasing the products, check out if the shades are actually manufactured by the brand on their website.

7. Test The Product Before Purchasing It

7 Always do a test check on the product before making a purchase. If the product spreads easily on your skin and gives you a smooth texture it is definitely a genuine product.

8. Pay attention to the packaging


9. Pay attention to the smell and consistency

Shopping cosmetics - woman smelling shampoo

10. Check brushes and sponges


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