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The Australian wedding scene is booming, with over 113000 weddings being registered in 2018. Melbourne, in particular, has been a popular wedding destination for many couples. There are new wedding trends, venues, and other services catering to each couple’s unique tastes here. From diverse venues and catering varieties to one-of-a-kind bridal shops Melbourne, couples can find pretty much every wedding-related thing in this city. But planning the perfect Melbourne wedding takes a bit of care and patience. So, to make things easier for people planning to wed here, below is a list of intriguing things to know about weddings in Melbourne.

What is the cost of an average wedding in Melbourne?

One cannot put an exact number without collecting estimates of wedding service suppliers. For instance, you need to know the cost of the venue, the wedding caterer, a DJ or wedding band, the wedding planner, and other essential details. With that done, there is now a rough estimate of what the actual wedding cost could be. Let’s look at it with an example. For convenience in understanding, the cost estimates below have round figures.

● Venue - $16000
● Wedding dress - $2700
● Hair and makeup - $800
● Flower arrangements - $1500
● Photography - $3000
● Music - $1700
● Catering, car, celebrant, etc - $30000

Total cost estimate = 55700

This is just a rough estimate of what a Melbourne wedding could cost. The actual amount will differ depending on the venue type and current rates of each of these services in Melbourne. Also, few brides prefer to do their own hair and makeup, and hence, save on that cost.

Bridal shops in Melbourne

Melbourne has some of the best bridal couture to offer soon-to-be brides. Some stores even provide designer wedding dresses at reasonable costs even designer wedding dresses at reasonable costs. Many of them will also offer free alterations, provided you buy the wedding gown from them. You can pick from a wide array of designs, styles, materials, and price ranges. On average, a Victorian bride will spend around $2700 on her wedding gown. Together with hair and makeup, this could go up to $4000. But you can get a less expensive deal as well, depending on who you hire.

The most popular season for a Melbourne wedding

Australian cities are popular wedding destinations. But unlike most other cities, Melbourne is known for its four different seasons. Traditionally, spring weddings have always been a popular choice among couples in Melbourne, with over 35 percent of them choosing to tie the knot anytime between September and November. Warm weather and sunny days are among the main reasons that couples opt for a spring Melbourne wedding. There is sunshine, but without the humidity, so couples aren’t worried about sweating in their wedding attires. Also, spring is the only season that offers an unbelievably vast collection of flowers. This makes it easy to design stunning bridal bouquets and embellish the venue with floral decorations.

An important thing to note is that a spring Melbourne wedding may cost a bit more, as this is a highly sought-after time for weddings. You may also need to book everything much in advance. But with a little extra planning and saving up for a longer time, it is definitely doable.

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