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MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has given us unforgettable heroes, and jaw-dropping action and suspense. But beyond the action, it's also showcased a large pool of talented actresses who've entertained us both on and off the screen. So, who holds the title of the hottest actress in the MCU? Dive in as we explore the contenders and crown the ultimate MCU diva!

1. Brie Larson

Brie Larson, or as she was born, Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers, is a powerhouse of talent in Hollywood. With a magnetic presence both on and off the screen, her allure is undeniable. However, when one mentions "Brie Larson hot," it encompasses not just her striking looks but her fiery passion, unwavering dedication, and a career that has soared to great heights.

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On-Screen Presence

  • "Room" (2015): While her role in this drama didn't bank on her physical appeal, her burning intensity won her several accolades including the coveted Oscar, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Prize, and a BAFTA.
  • "Captain Marvel" (2019): Stepping into the shoes of a superhero, Brie's hotness was coupled with strength, determination, and a sense of purpose. Her portrayal was a testament to the fact that hotness isn't just skin deep.

Brie Larson’s Wiki

Born1 October 1989
Age (as of 2023)33 Years
HometownSacramento, California, USA
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, USA
ProfessionActress and Model
Years Active1998 – Present
Zodiac SignLibra

Personal Life

  • Family Ties: Raised by her mother, Heather Desaulniers, post a traumatic separation from her father, Brie's early life had its challenges. Despite the adversities, Brie recalls this period with fondness, crediting her mother for their survival and perseverance.
  • Relationship Chronicles: Currently in a relationship, Brie's moments with actor Elijah Allan-Blitz hint at a bond that goes beyond mere attraction. Their public displays of affection are both sweet and sizzling.

What make her  head turner?

  • Natural Beauty: Every photograph of Brie captures her innate beauty, from her radiant smile to her expressive eyes.
  • Fashion Forward: Whether at public events or casual outings, Brie's style quotient is undeniably top-notch. She knows how to turn heads with her fashion choices.
  • Talent & Dedication: Arguably the most attractive aspect of Brie is her dedication to her craft. Her roles, ranging from intense dramas like "Room" to action-packed movies like "Captain Marvel," showcase her versatility and commitment.

In short, Brie Larson's hotness is a blend of her physical appeal, her passionate performances, and her genuine personality. It's a comprehensive allure that sets her apart in the glamorous world.

2. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is the world's highest-paid actress in 2018 and 2019. The American-born actress has shown that her 'hotness' isn't just about looks but also her sizzling performances and impressive performance in moviles.

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Scarlett Johansson’s Career Overview

Scarlett's career began as a child when she made her mark in the Hollywood industry. 

Early Beginnings: Making her debut in the film "North" in 1994, Johansson quickly climbed the ladder with amazing performances in movies, Lost in Translation, Girl With A Pearl Earring, and The Horse Whisperer.

  • Superhero Stardom: Her portrayal added layers to a character that became a fan favorite in the Marvel Universe.

Scarlett Johansson’s Wiki

Full NameScarlett Ingrid Johansson
Age (as of 2023)38 Years
Birth PlaceNew York City, USA
ResidenceLong Island, New York
Net Worth$165 Million
DebutFilm: Just Cause (1995)
Years Active1994 – Present
Famous RoleNatasha Romanoff in "Black Widow" (2021)
EducationTisch School Of the Arts, New York

Her Personal Life

  • Family Foundations: Born to Karsten Johansson (an architect) and Melanie Sloan (a producer), Scarlett grew up amidst creativity and passion.
  • Relationships & Bonds: Currently, she's married to Colin Jost, a talented comedian, and writer. She's also a mother of two, a daughter named Rose Dorothy Dauriac and a son named Cosmo Jost.

Scarlett Johansson's Physical Appearance

Scarlett Johansson's physical beauty is undeniable:

  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches
  • Weight: 57 kg
  • Eye Color: Mesmerizing Green
  • Hair Color: Lustrous Blonde

But what makes her 'hot' goes beyond these metrics. It's her fierce intelligence, dedication to her craft, and her advocacy for issues she believes in.


  • Net Worth: As of 2023, her staggering net worth stands at 5 million, testifying to her prowess and talent.
  • Recognitions: Named the world's highest-paid actress in both 2018 and 2019, she's also a frequent feature on the Forbes Celebrity 100 lists.

3. Elizabeth Olsen

Image Source: Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen is not just an actress but also a symbol of elegance and allure in the Hollywood industry. From her sizzling looks to her brilliant acting prowess, Elizabeth has managed to win hearts worldwide. Let’s dive into her world and explore the essence of her charm.

Basic Overview

Full NameElizabeth Chase Olsen
Age34 Years Old (2022)
Net Worth$11 Million
Birth Date16 February 1989
Zodiac SignAquarius
HometownSherman Oaks, California
Known ForWanda Maximoff in "Avengers: Age of Ultron" (2015)

Career Beginnings

Elizabeth's tryst with acting began at the young age of four. Not just academically inclined, having studied at Campbell Hall School and later at New York University, she also pursued her passions, delving into professional dance and singing.

Family & Relationships

Family Background:

  • Father: David Olsen (Real Estate Agent)
  • Mother: Jarnette Olsen (Personal Manager)
  • Siblings: Twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Jake Olsen, Trent Olsen, and Taylor Olsen.

Love Life:

Elizabeth's romantic journey has seen its ups and downs. She was once romantically linked to actor Boyd Holbrook. But as fate would have it, she found love with musician Robbie Arnett. The duo got engaged in 2019,

Physical Attributes

Elizabeth boasts of a physique that perfectly encapsulates grace and allure. Her blonde hair cascading down, paired with those striking green eyes, only adds to her ethereal charm.

To sum it up, Elizabeth Olsen is more than just her roles on screen. She's a blend of both talent and beauty. As admirers of her craft, we eagerly anticipate her future endeavors and wish her a fulfilling personal and professional journey.

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