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Body jewelry is irresistible and flaunting them is exciting. But then a fresh piercing might be hard to manage and especially a workout session might be a worrisome affair for your pierced part. Even for old piercings, one might need to be careful if they are located in the exposed parts of the body. So, if you’re fond of piercings, make sure you take care of them to prevent unnecessary accidents from occurring. Without wasting much time, we would help you with a few tips on how you can take care of them to avoid petty or big damages.

Best ways to take care of your piercing jewelry

While working out, there are a few ways in which you can protect your piercing jewelry that comes along with it.

1) Wear the right attire that protects your pierced jewelry

If the piercing is in the navel or the nipples, even on the ear cartilage or on the eyebrow, wearing proper attire to cover them up would help you immensely.

  • If in the navel, wear a thick sleeveless jacket.
  • Right on the nipples? Wear a strong sports bra.
  • The pierced jewelry is on the ear cartilage then there is a high chance it could be grazed against gymming instruments. It could even be that your hands could dash against your ears while exercising. Thus, one way to cover them is by wearing a thick headband or scarf around the ears. This could safeguard the pierced jewelry well.
  • On your eyebrows, protect them by tying a handkerchief or a headband over it.

2) Skip a day or two if you have a fresh piercing

If there is a fresh piercing, you can easily take a day or two off.

Skipping gymming would ensure your pierced part gets sufficient time to heal.

3) Cover it with a band-aid when going for workouts

Cover the pierced jewelry with a band-aid or duct tape, if missing an exercise session is impossible. You can layer it with few band-aid strips till its thick enough to be not felt easily.

4) Remove the piercing jewelry before hitting the gym

Another technique that can protect your piercings is by removing the body jewelry piece before gymming. This is in fact, the best measure that can never cause any accidents. Only when the piercing jewelry rubs against your skin does it cause tearing of the flesh and the skin. Thus, removing the jewelry piece is the best way to have a safe gymming experience.

5) Keep the piercing site clean

Remember regular cleaning is required even if you cover them well and if they are located on some hidden area of your body (like in the hip or pubic region), clean them to keep the germs and infections away.

If you have questions about piercing

You can reach us anytime if you have any questions around piercings. Make sure you’re following a few precautionary measures, since ‘prevention is always better than cure.’ Your sweat and skin have a lot of germs and a strong staph infection can make your life difficult for a few days. Hence, take care of your body jewelry by following the above tips religiously while enjoying the attention they draw.

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