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Who does not like having a healthy and fit body type which helps them lead an active and productive life? Absolutely no one! Bringing out your A game when it comes to fitness and health is super important to do good in several areas of your life.

Achieving all your fitness goals can be a really difficult thing to do without the right information or the proper guidance. Different people have different fitness goals, for example, some might want to shed weight while others may want to gain some!

The question remains, what is a fool-proof way of losing weight or staying fit and healthy? The answer is super easy- and that is macro calculation.

What does macro calculation mean and how does it really work?

Many people fall into the trap of following diet plans which mostly never help them in losing weight. The correct way to go about losing weight is counting your macros and deciding a diet plan for your body accordingly.

Not only is this method super-efficient, but it produces immediate results. Macros are the nutrients for your body- and they need to be consumed in a correct amount.

In order to lose weight, you will have to take into account the number of calories you intake in a day. Because 1 gram of proteins contains 4 calories, you will have to regulate the amount of proteins you take according to the number of your calculated calories. 

Moreover, if you want to intake a certain amount of calories, you will also have to distribute your amount of calories present in your proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to meet your desired calorie count.

How does macro counting help you?

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to macro counting. Once you start doing it, it is extremely rewarding for your body as well as mind. Following are some of the best things that come with macro counting.

  • Because you are counting all your calories, you can indulge in your cheat foods once in a while too, while not gaining weight! Eating healthy is important, but you should also be able to eat whatever you want.
  • You can also take care of your body and maintain a lean muscle mass while staying fit and active.
  • Macro counting will also help you lose your extra body fat which is otherwise very stubborn and doesn’t go away quickly!

What is a macro calculator and why should you use it?

Most people hesitate while calculating their macros because they think it’s too difficult! In the age of technology, nothing is impossible and certainly not this too. All you have to do is calculate the right amount of macros according to your age, activity level, height, weight, and gender.

When you start tracking your calories and macros with the help of a macro calculator, you will know what are your trouble spots. If your protein intake is not sufficient, you have to sum up your beef, veggies, and beans intake.

You can use a macro calculator to calculate your macros, or even do it manually if you want to. Using a macro calculator saves a lot of time and provides you with a lot of convenience.

All you will have to do is enter some simple pieces of information quickly, and calculate your macros in a second.

How to use the macro calculator?

The macro calculator that we have at hand right now has a very simple interface, and is super easy to use! Anyone can use this tool at any time and any place without having to research a lot about it.

This tool has a few simple steps that you need to follow while constituting the perfect macro plan that is just right for your body type. Some steps that you will need to follow.

  1. In step one, you will have to select your gender, age, and your estimated body fat. The macro calculator also asks you your desired body goal; which can be losing weight, building lean body mass, maintaining a certain weight, or even gaining weight.
  2. Next, you will have to enter your height and weight accurately. Here, you will be given the option to choose a standard or metric unit system.
  3. The third and the final step is to enter the number of meals you have, so the app can calculate your macro count effectively. In this step, you also have to state your activity level and protein intake level. Hit calculate and you will be ready to go!


So, with the help of a good macro calculator, not only will you be able to reach your desired weight goal a lot faster, but also maintain a healthy body and mind.

Gone are the days when you would have to deprive yourself of your cheat foods and only eat veggies to lose weight.

Now, you can eat anything and everything-but in the right quality while hitting your daily or weekly macro count.

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