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If you are a fitness enthusiast or someone who wants to build muscles and improve stamina, you must have heard about CBD and its amazing health benefits. In fact, there’s endless scientific research material out there that backs-up all the claims made in favor of this miracle plant. This continues research is encouraging the expansion of industrial hemp farms all throughout the US.

Let’s now talk about why many athletes are working with CBD products -

CBD is quickly becoming a part of many holistic wellness and health plans. Today this compound is available in the form of capsules, oils, salves, and whatnot. However, it’s important to use high-quality CBD such as in the form of natural hemp oil or get it from a trusted and certified supplier. As a thumb rule be sure to buy CBD oil that has less than 0.3% THC content.

How CBD Helps In Building Stamina

It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone wants to have excellent stamina; athletes and runners even more so. The best way to explain good stamina is the feeling of ‘runner’s high’. If you have ever worked out, or if you have ever been a runner in your life, you must have experienced it from long workouts.

We also know that the world has been crediting the ‘release of endorphins’ for this feel-good feeling.

However, some recent research tells that it’s the endocannabinoid system which is truly responsible for the ‘runner’s high’. As per these findings, it’s the anandamide rush which contributes to this pleasant experience. This natural endocannabinoid compound is regulated by CBD through the Endocannabinoid system. It’s only fair that the credit is given where it is due.

CBD Optimized Homeostasis

Energy levels and stamina are improved when your body is experiencing CBD-optimized homeostasis. Your breathing becomes more regulated. What’s more, when the anti-inflammatory action of CBD kicks-in, it helps keep the muscles cramp-free all the while balancing the release of dopamine at just the right levels. This further promotes smoother and more balanced movement. This homeostasis is often cited by many scientists as ‘Goldilocks Zone’. Basically, it’s that state of mind in which the body, the mind, and the spirit all function together and things become ‘just right’, sort of like a harmony.

Anti Catabolic Properties Of CBD

During intense workouts, testosterone - the hormone responsible for building muscles increases. But, cortisol levels - which also increase during intensive workouts can nullify the effects of testosterone. High cortisol levels result in catabolic hormone which causes lower bone density and high blood pressure all the while eating up muscle tissues.

Applying CBD oil supplements before and after the workout can balance cortisol levels. This allows you to get the most out of your workout.

CBD Aids In Stamina Improvement By Regulating Blood Sugar Levels

Another crucial consideration for building muscles and stamina is maintaining the right blood sugar levels. While a balanced diet does offer help in achieving this goal, consuming CBD tends to expedite this process.

It’s a well-known fact that chronic inflammation leads to a host of health issues. Insulin resistance resulting in type 2 diabetes is one of those conditions. As reported by an article published online on a leading health site - cell growth, immune system, heart function, and sugar metabolism seem to benefit significantly from the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

When blood sugar levels are regulated, the body produces less insulin which results in less fat storage. Less fat means that your body works in anti-catabolic mode to generate more muscles.

Reasons To Workout With CBD

Perhaps the leading reason behind CBD oil’s increasing popularity as a highly recommended fitness supplement is due to the anti-catabolic properties. This is particularly true in cases where the primary goal is gaining muscle mass.

Not just runners, but professional athletes and yoga enthusiasts and almost everyone in the world of fitness suggest strongly in favor of CBD supplement stressing how it’s not a fad but a highly effective supplement.

A growing number of people replacing western medicine over natural ways to fight pain; CBD becoming one those natural ways. This compound can be ingested in the form of a capsule or applied topically as creams and oils.

CBD salves, oils and creams are finding a huge place in the fitness arena for helping with inflammation, relief from pain and for improving flexibility. These are three key factors for a successful and safe workout. CBD has a huge health benefits.

Is CBD Legal?

Yes, you can buy and consume CBD derived from hemp. It’s completely legal in all 50 states. However, it’s important to make sure that the supplement or CBD oil you plan on purchasing has less than 0.3% THC content. Any hemp-derived product that contains more THC is classified as ‘marijuana’ and may not be legal. Check more on medical marijuana card online.

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