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When a person determines to achieve something they want, then definitely nothing can undermine their goal. This is exactly how one can sum up the journey of Morgan Bartley. Morgan was overweight and at an age of 17 she weighed 300 pounds. The fascinating results of her weight loss have made her famous. Scroll over as we bring you Morgan’s journey that she has recorded on Instagram and has made her famous:

1. Morgan recalls “I was overweight as young as I remember”. She started gaining weight as she started having numerous health issues.

2. At an early age of 12 Morgan lost an ovary and she had a major surgery by the age of 14. Due to her health conditions Morgan had a menopause in her teens itself.

3. When she realized that she will not be able to have children, Morgan went into depression. She developed binge eating disorder and gained 70 pounds in one year. Morgan said “Life has been hard, it was all things I couldn’t control”.

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4. She then took on to Instagram to share her experiences and take motivation from there. She started to record her day to day activities and progress to keep her motivated and accountable.

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5. She hired a trainer and started a protein diet and lost 25 pounds. She then went for a surgery to reduce her stomach size.

6. All this required a lot of hard work, but Morgan never gave up. She said “I realized, There are so many things that I want to do in my life and I’ll be dammed if I my weight is the thing that prevents me”

7. However her journey was controversial, as someone reported a picture of her and Instagram deleted her records. But she fought for her account and her account was restored.

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8. Morgan aims to lose weight and reach her target goal to be 145 pounds and she wants to go body lift to get her body in shape.

9. Bartley has now become a certified trainer and hope to capitalize on her newly acquired fame. She inspires people to change their lives by losing weight. She hopes that soon she would start her family.

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