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As we shop around, we come across many kinds of jeans and skirts that would fit only those girls who are blessed with flat tummies and small waist. Although it might sound a bit of tough task but you too can get small waist with proper diet, some modifications in everyday routine and following few exercises. A Florida based model and popular star of her own YouTube channel Vicky Justiz says that traditional crunches and oblique exercises build muscles on your sides and thus make appear large. She demonstrates four simple exercises that you can follow tone and maintain a tiny waist. Scroll over to find the exercises that will give you waist size you have always wanted :

1. Planks - Jumping Jack Variation

1 By adding jacks to your planks, you increase your metabolism and burn more calories which help you to get toned up waist line. To do the plank jacks, get into plank position, with your hands under your shoulders and feet together. Make sure your back is straight and your body is aligned from your shoulders to your feet. Engage your core, tighten your abs and jump your feet out to each to reach shoulder width apart and quickly return jump back in. Repeat.

2. Planks - Caterpillar Variation

2 Caterpillar planking will give you a toned up belly and tighten up your mid section. Get your body into plank position with your hands under your shoulders and feet together. Bend your left knee and bring it forward to reach your chest and rotate your waist and bring your leg back to plank position and follow it with your right leg. Repeat.

3. Crunches – Leg Variations

3 Crunches move your body in controlled manner to help you build abs. Add a variation to your regular crunches to work on your abs by positioning your legs at 45 degree angle. This way you add intensity to your regular crunch movement and put pressure on your abdomen. Lie on your back and get your body into basic crunches position. Now bend in your knees and position your legs at 45 degrees and raise your upper body up. You will feel the pressure building in your abs, hold the position and return back to starting position.

4. Crunch – Bicycle Variation

4 Bicycles crunches work great on rectus abdominis and upper abs. Li flat on your back and contract your ab muscles by pulling them in. Bring your hands behind your head and hold your head gently. Lift your knees of the floor and bring in towards your chest. Lift your shoulders off the ground and rotate your knee in such a way that your left knee meets your right elbow and then similarly bring your right knee meet your left elbow. Follow this in quick repetitions.

5. Watch The Video Here

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