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Most of the buddies who hit the gym on a regular basis would love to get those big arms. Isn’t that right? After all, who doesn’t like to be admired for maintaining nice toned arms both genders (but particularly by ladies)? So, what’s the right mantra to get those big arms? We all try to execute all possible ways, but alas not able to achieve the desired results. Through this post, we have compiled for you the best 3 exercises that will help you to get those big arms. Here come the 3 exercises each one works on 1 of the 3 major muscles in the arm- the bicep, the triceps, and the forearm muscle. Scroll down to have detailed look.

Biceps – Dumbbell Curls

1 Dumbbell curls are one of the most popular arm exercises among men. No doubt for a good reason- they are one of the optimal exercises for building the extended biceps every fella desires. Ways to do this exercise: • This exercise can be executed either by standing up or sitting down with your arm positioned on the inside of your thigh. • Take hold of the dumbbell with an underhanded grasp and bring it up while concentrating on keeping the rest of your arms stable and only using your bicep. • For this exercise, make sure you perform at least 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

Close Grip Bench Press

2 What most of the guys out there are not aware of the fact that the triceps muscle is made up of 2/3 of your arm, and thus by building up your triceps is vital for getting those huge arms. Here are some quick tips to do the close grip bench press: • There is no such exercise that can help you build up the triceps the way the close grip bench press does. You do the close grip bench press in a similar manner you would the traditional bench press, however, you need to make use of the grip that is only shoulder length away from each other. • While doing exercise, always ensure to keep your elbows as near enough the body as possible. By keeping your elbows placed in tight segregates the triceps and make sure that you’re not using any of your chest to pull the weights. • Last but not the least, do at least 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

Forearm Curls

3 Many blokes often tend to ignore this part of the arms that is the forearm. Everyone tries to make a big fuss over the biceps and triceps, but if you professional trainers then you will get to know that there is nothing more inspiring than a set of gorilla forearms. For this, you need to concentrate more on forearm curls. Here come the quick tips to do the same exercise: • Forearm curls are executed in the similar manner as the bicep curls are done. However, the difference between the two is that you’re only bending the wrist. • The best way to do this exercise is to execute the curl gradually while adjusting the weight all the way through the motion. These 3 exercises have definitely helped many in achieving their goals and I am sure it will help you get those huge big arms. Good luck and don’t forget to share your experiences with us.

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