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Eyebrows are the reflection of our true personality. Perfectly shaped eyebrows not only make you look attractive but also say a lot about how you care about your appearance. but often in a zest to get the perfect eyebrows, we commit some mistakes which gives an unruly look on your eyebrows. Scroll over to find the frequent mistakes you been making and how you can tame them to get a perfect shape:

1. Avoid widening of brow gap by holding a makeup brush vertically to find the inner tear duct, ensure that you not tweeze hair beyond this spot.


2. Always try to match the colour of your brows to your hair to give your face a uniform look and neat finish.


3. Do not ignore the natural arch of your eyebrows while shaping them up, follow the natural arch.


4. Fill in the sparsely haired eyebrow by stroking eye pencil in direction of eye brow hair growth and get impeccable shape.


5. Do not over pluck the hair on the top of eye brows as this can spoil the natural arch of your hair.


6. Do not use eye makeup to thicken your brows, this will give you a racoon look.


7. You will only end up over tweezing your eyebrows if you will try to for asymmetrical eyebrows. Let the brows remain in the natural shape and remove the unruly hairs only.


8. Do not shape your eyebrows too long or too short as this will spoil your appearance.


9. Complete your eyebrow make before your face makeup.


10. Tweeze your eyebrows before you shower to ease the pain of tweezing them.


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