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What is cold brew? How is it different from cold coffee? | The Times of  India

Generally, brewed coffee is made by pouring hot water into ground coffee beans. The mixture is left to brew for a period of time before it is served. There are many ways you can brew your coffee, like using a filter, drip method, using an espresso machine, French press or a cold brew. Today, we compare two popular brewing methods, the French press and cold brew to see how they differ. 

French press coffee 

How to Make French Press Coffee | Allrecipes

A French press is one of the easiest ways to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. This brewing method uses a French press 

So, you get a strong, robust cup of coffee without needing any electrical brewing system. 

Characteristics that make the French press coffee

The temperature 

The perfect temperature for an excellent cup of French press coffee is around 195 degrees Fahrenheit. This brew method requires a sustainable temperature throughout the process to get the best results. To make a French press coffee, water is brought to boil in an electric kettle or stovetop bowl. It is then taken off the heat for about a minute before the brewing process begins. 

Coffee bean type and Coffee grounds 

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The type of bean used in a coffee press depends on the user’s preference and accessibility. However, arabica medium roast coffee is a very popular variety for French press among many coffee enthusiasts. 

The coffee grounds in a French press are steeped instead of being filtered resulting to a strong, fragrant cup of coffee. 

Time requirement 

It does not take much time to make a French coffee. you can use readily ground coffee of grind your own while the water comes to a boil. Once it’s settled for a minute, pour your coffee in, stir gently for about 30 seconds then serve the coffee immediately. 

The flavor profiles 

The French press is the perfect brewing technique if you prefer your coffee dark and intense in flavor and essence. The French press method makes a strong, rich-flavored coffee because the grinds remain in at the bottom while brewing. 

Cold brew coffee

Cold brewing is a technique that involves steeping the coffee grounds in water for a considerably long period of time. This brewing methods gives you a mellow, flavorful, and smooth coffee with a slightly acidic taste. Cold brewed coffee is very different to an iced coffee especially when it comes to brewing method and taste. 

Characteristics of a cold brew

The temperature

The temperature of water needed to brew a good cup of cold brew coffee needs to be standard room temperature. Brewing your coffee in room temperature allows you to make coffee for the shortest time possible. 

However, you can also brew the cup of coffee in the fridge if you are prepared to take double the time or more to brew the cup of coffee. Also, once the brewing process is complete at room temperature you should store the drink away in the fridge if you don’t intend to take it immediately or if you want a cooler drink. 

The caffeine levels

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee [& Useful Tips] | BonTea Cafe

Cold brews coffee generally has more caffein than regular cups of coffees and coffees that are hot-brewed. While there are different ways you can brew your coffee cold. They all result in highly caffeinated coffee. 

The coffee beans

For a long period of time people thought that older beans work better for the cold brewing process, but it does not make that much of a difference. This is because regardless of the beans age some soluble will still not be able to be extracted through this method. So, you get almost similar quality coffee regardless of the age of your coffee bean. 

Flavor profile 

If you have taken your fair share of coffee, you understand that it won’t always come out the same regardless of the brewing process. This is because the finished coffees vary depending on brewing method, temperature and type of coffee beans. However, a common characteristic of cold brewed coffee is delicate flavor, with less bitterness and a smooth, sweet blend. 

Final word- French press vs cold brew- what is the difference 

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Both cold brew and French press techniques are known to produce bold, flavorful drinks. However, there is a big difference on how these two coffees are made. For example, French press takes less than 5 minutes to make while cold brewed coffee can take up to 24 hours. Go to to check out other brewing techniques that will give you a healthy, delicious cup of coffee. 

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