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If you are preparing to build your own at-home fitness area and only have so much money to spend, you’ll need to make some tough decisions. Maybe not in the grand scheme of things but, for someone who is about to drop hundreds of valuable dollars, it can be a tough, important decision to make.

You want to purchase something you use often and you want to pick a piece of equipment that positively impacts your personal health.

In today’s world, there are an overabundance of fitness equipment and different people will offer differing opinions on what one is best. It can be extremely stressful to find out who you should believe and who you should ignore.

If you are creating a new at-home gym and need to decide on what piece of equipment you should spend your money on, here are some options:

(1) Treadmill

The treadmill is your most classic piece of fitness equipment and something that most people splurge on right off the bat. It’s a basic workout but, at the same time, is very important.

If you are specifically worried about your cardio, a treadmill is the perfect investment and will allow you to get your steps in no matter what the weather is outside.

New treadmills have a nice screen to track steps, workouts, heart-rate, speed, and more. It’s also much easier these days to find a treadmill that is affordable. If space is an issue, some new treadmills will even fold up and can be stored in the corner so you won’t take up an entire room with just a treadmill.

(2) Elliptical Machine

Personally, I like elliptical machines much more than your classic treadmill. They offer a similar cardio experience, but do it in a way that impacts more parts of the body. Even better is the fact that the elliptical machine is low-impact and doesn’t hurt your joints from the constant pounding of your legs on the belt.

Read all about the latest Elliptical Machines online and figure out if this newer cardio machine is for you. If you are older and often suffer from ankle, knee, or leg pain after workouts, the elliptical is a great option for you.

(3) Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is another fun workout option for those people who want to spice it up.

If you’ve ever gone rowing, you’ll remember the pain throughout your body the next day. A good rowing machine offers up that same workout and will leave you sore and tired. After a long while of using your rowing machine though, you’ll be in great shape.

Rowing Machines are known for the great full-body workout they will give you with little-to-no impact.

(4) Home Gym

If you want a great home gym, then you should buy yourself a great home gym!

A home gym will give you the option of many workouts whenever you want, all related to building muscle in your upper and lower body. Adjust your weight, add new workouts to your routine whenever you want, and watch your muscles grow.

Obviously if you want to focus on your cardio more than building muscle, the classic home gym is not the best option.

(5) Indoor Bike

The indoor bike is another great option for when you are starting your very own home gym.

The indoor bike is fun, effective, takes up very little room, and (when you purchase the right one) will last you a long, long time. If you enjoy cycling, then the indoor bike is for you and is a great first piece of equipment to purchase for your very own fitness area.

So, what should I purchase?

It really depends on what type of workout you prefer, what your fitness goals are, and the type of room you have available. Price shouldn’t differ too much these days as there are so many options for each piece of equipment that you can usually find a piece of equipment in your price range for each option.

My personal preference of these five machines to start a home gym with is to find an affordable indoor bike and purchase hand weights. Eventually, you can upgrade your weights, possibly purchase a rowing machine or home gym, and still use the indoor bike.

To decide what is the best option for you, you should sit down and write down your goals and figure out a plan of action.

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