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These days ear piercing has become extremely popular amongst both men and women. Though, certain individuals do suffer from ear piercing problems but few preventive measures can definitely relieve you from various ear piercing problems. Following, are a few simple steps which can allow you to easily care for your newly pierced ears. 

1. Select gold studs for starter earrings- Generally, other metals may react and cause rashes in your skin. Thus, it is always better to pierce with gold studs. If your skin is too sensitive, you can also consult a physician for hypoallergenic studs. Again, it is also advisable not to remove the studs instantly. Rather, you should allow your ears to dry and heal. 

2. Avoid Shampoo and Conditioners to touch your ears-

  • After you have pierced your ears, it is extremely essential to prevent products such as shampoo and conditioners to touch your ears. This can only increase the level of infection.
  • In fact, it is always preferable to shower bags while bathing.
  • If you are considering washing your hair, you can choose to protect the pierced area with a plastic bag.
  • Avoid swimming- It is also preferable to avoid swimming with your newly pierced ears.

3. Tie your hair carefully- After piercing, you should always be careful while tying your hair. In fact, you should avoid wearing scarves and hats. 

4. Clean the pierced area- You need to wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap. You can dip a piece of cotton in an antibacterial solution and lightly rub the area. 

5. Take Care while sleeping- After piercing, it is always essential to sleep straight. Rubbing your ears can cause bleeding and unnecessary rashes. 

6. If the problem persists, it is advisable to consult a physician

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