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Hair fall is a crucial issue for many men and women in the country. Losing more than 100 strands of hair in a day may soon lead to baldness and this is what happens to many due to several reasons like hormonal imbalances, use of improper hair products or hair oils, poor eating habits etc.

While several people spend thousands and thousands of rupees on hair products, many of these contain harmful chemicals that have adverse effects on the hair quality and rather cause even worse hair damage. Hence it is very important that you use hair products that contain natural ingredients and are effective and clinically tested. Also, make sure that the oil that you use is non-sticky so that dust does not stick to your hair causing any further damage.

Hence, if you are finding the best Hair Fall Control Oil, here are some key things to keep in mind-

  1. Use a hair oil that is 100% natural and Safe.
  2. Your hair oil should be non-sticky & soothing.
  3. Your hair oil should nourish your scalp and hair roots.
  4. Your hair oil should contain only natural ingredients.
  5. Your hair oil should contain powerful ingredients Like Redensyl that target follicle stem cells, enhance blood circulation to stem and significantly increase the percentage of hair in anagen phase and additionally decreasethe percentage of hair in telogen phase.

The above-mentioned properties are essentially needed in a hair oil; however, certain brands may falsely claim of being all natural while still using a small amount of chemicals.

Best Hair Oil

With a wide range of products available in the market one premiere hair oil brand that is an all-natural one is ‘VIHO’ hair growth oil that contains 19 magical ingredients which works amazingly on your hair growth and strengthening. VIHO hair oil has proven to be effective for people facing excessive hair fall, slow hair growth, rough and dry scalp and dull hair.

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