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Well, recently I got my phone washed in the washing machine. Let’s just say, it was very dirty so it was “intentional”. What happened later on, is not such a pleasing story. Mobile phone is a valuable asset and people cannot spend whole day without their cell phone these days. All important information is in stored in them. But there are times that you drop your phone in the laundry basket and rest is history. But, here is a way you can revive your phone:

1. Take The Phone Out Quickly.

1 Image Source: Wiki How Well, it is obvious that the minute you drop it, you would pick it out without checking if it has ability to swim on vibration or not. Switch off your phone immediately in case it is still on as it could lead to short circuits inside it.

2. Soak Your Phone Using Tissue Papers.

2 Image Source: Wiki How Remove the battery and sim card from your cell phone and soak it using dry towels. This would save your contacts at least.

3. Use A Vacuum Cleaner.

5 Image Source: Wiki How Next you should use a vacuum cleaner to suck out liquid which still might be inside your cell phone. Your phone will be dry in about thirty minutes. Try to keep the vacuum at some distance to avoid static electricity which could harm your phone.

4. Don’t Use A Hair Dryer.

6 Image Source: Wiki How This is what I did, but is the wrong choice. It ends up pushing all the moisture inside the device instead of drying it out. Thus the water reaches the electrical components of the phone and ruins everything.

5. Place The Phone In A Bag Of Uncooked Rice.

7 Image Source: Wiki How Good desiccants like rice can absorb the moisture from the cell phone.

6. Let Your Phone Rest In The Sun.

8 Image Source: Wiki How Now is the tanning time for your phone, after the swim. Place it on a tissue and let it get warm outside when the sun is beaming.

7. Now Cross Your Fingers.

9 Image Source: Wiki How It is very important, because luck does matter. Switch on your phone and see if it has worked. If it hasn’t, am sorry there is nothing that can be done!

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