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Sport is part of our upbringing, our culture and for many, their identity. The physical education at school is designed to help us build teamwork skills and help with our confidence, while being so much fun at the same time.

We continue to watch or participate in sport throughout our lives for the sheer thrill and enjoyment it can bring to our lives.

There are some hugely popular sports which we will play throughout our childhood and play or watch in adulthood like soccer or American Football, but there are so many others to check out and try, so why not see which of the following could tempt you.

Horse Racing

It is completely understandable that your school probably didn’t have horse racing in its curriculum. Not many are fortunate enough to have a stables and racecourse on the grounds.

But horse racing is a massively popular sport which many come to later. The links with sports betting are a tight bond, with Kentucky Derby odds being some of the most anticipated each year in the race calendar.

If you get the chance to try horse riding out, it can be an enjoyable pastime, but for those who love the thrill of the professional race, get yourself along to the Kentucky Derby or any other event across the country and enjoy the spectacle of the festivities alongside the race.


Ok, again, this one can be difficult, there are some geographical necessities to taking up surfing. But if you are within a commutable distance to the coast then surfing could be a perfect new sport for you this year.

The art of surfing lies on balance, confidence, and self-discipline. It can be a hugely rewarding activity when you take your first wave and ride on into the shore.

Surfers are known for their laid back and friendly demeanors, and the surroundings and feel of the ocean is a huge part of that. Peaceful moments to treasure while practicing an enjoyable sport, no matter your level helps you feel mentally strong as well as build physical fitness.


Let’s start moving into some team sports to really help with the social part of sport which is often such a big part of our desires to play.

This one also can be played almost anywhere, from the park to a gymnasium or even on the beach. No matter the number of people from 1v1 up to the official 6v6 or get a huge group of friends together for a more informal but just as fun pickup game.

Volleyball is a fast-paced game which can be quite stop start to allow you to get your breathe back. It is easy to understand with quite simple rules, leaving just the technique to work on.

Roller Skating

It’s true, you may find roller skating more an activity than a sport, but for those who are taking their first steps into sports, or first steps for a good long time, it’s easy on the body, while you are upright anyway.

There is more you can do to make it competitive, like racing or a bit of roller hockey, but this can be a great sport to enjoy alone or with friends, which only really requires some flat ground to get started.


One step on from roller skating, and skateboarding is probably for the more daring of us. The surfing of the land, skateboarding is all about balance and control and perfect for those who like the culture that comes with it. Like surfing, the culture which surrounds the sport is quite different from your NBA or Soccer fans and participants approach, which makes it perfect for some more than others.

Practice on the flat before hitting the half-pipe or grinding the handrails of your local shopping center.


If you are looking for a sport to help build strength or lose weight, swimming provides a perfect full body conditioning and toning workout.

Go at your own pace and enjoy the feeling of floating and making your way up and down the pool or even go with the tide at the beach if you can. You’ll get stronger, fitter, and faster as you practice more, and that help build up your health and wellbeing too.

Find a pool or somewhere with clean open water like the beach, some like to find rivers or lakes too, and feel as connected to nature as you wish. You can swim for you, or you can compete, swimming provides options for all.

All these sports are well worth the try, and there are so many more, from frisbee golf to lacrosse, lawn bowls to rock climbing, the possibilities are endless.

Finding the right one for you can provide you with so much joy as well as physical and mental health benefits. Check out what is nearby and find a new sport to try this year.

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