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There is a common belief that losing weight and losing fat from the body is one and the same thing. But this is a misconception, in fact you should never aim to lose weight, you should target fat loss. When you lose weight, you also lose bit of everything like fat, muscle, organ and body fluids. However your target should be only to lose fat not lose weight. Chances are you seeing your weight scale going down because you are losing your muscles. This in long run is not a good sign and you must avoid this mistake. Read on to see the difference between the weight loss and fat loss:

1. Weight Loss VS Fat Loss

1 Often people mistake weight loss to be fat loss. While they aim lose fat from their body, they actually end up losing weight. This happens due to the wrong approach that everyone carries towards their fat loss regime. Even though you know how much your weight is, it is important to know in what percentage fat and lean mass are present in your body. Getting on scale and aiming to reduce 50 pounds will only make you lose on muscle weight. You will end up cutting on calories and do cardio exercises to achieve weight loss. However with this wrong approach, you will look small with higher percentage fats in your body.

2. Include Heavy Resistance Training

2 In order to reduce fat from your body, you will not only need to do cardio exercises but also do intense resistance training. Resistance training will increase and tone up your muscles. Toned muscles show up under the skin. You should target to reduce fats and water between your skin and muscles to accentuate your muscles.

3. Watch Your Diet

3 Dieting plays an important role in your fat loss process. But you need to choose wisely on what foods you would curtail from your diet. If you eliminate a group of foods in order to lose calories, you will end up losing muscle weight. Combining this with cardio exercises will worsen your fat loss process. You need look at your diet plan and include foods that will act as fuel to your muscles. Eliminate the snacks and sugary foods from your diet and include protein rich foods in your diet and indulge in lean meats. Ensure that your weight loss process does not cause you a muscle loss.

4. Focus on Fat Loss

4 If you want to lose fat from your body, that is fine, however do not always go by what scale reads. You need to check that you are not losing muscles and you must know your fat % in the body. Losing weight should aim to lose fats from the body not lean muscles. Take a diet that helps you melts down the weight and aids to muscles training. Include weight lifting in your daily regime, eat a balanced diet and do cardio exercise regularly. Include good carbohydrates, proteins and fats in your diet to aid your muscle building process. Once you balance these tree food groups in your body losing fat will no longer be a challenge.

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