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We all love using makeup to enhance our beauty and look pretty. As much as it is essential to use makeup properly, it is equally important to remove makeup every night before you retire to bed. If the makeup is not removed properly it can harm your skin and block your skin pores resulting in skin issues like breakouts, rough skin and dull complexion. Sometimes women take off their in jiffy or make some mistakes in removing. However one must remove make properly and keep skin clean, scroll over to find how to remove makeup perfectly:

1. Using Only Wipesh

1 Do not limit your makeup removal limited to wipes. You can also choose makeup cleansing milk, oil or gel based makeup remover. Make sure to wash your face with a mild facewash after removing making to remove the residue.

2. Not Removing Eye Makeup Properly

2 Wearing eye makeup while sleeping can be harsh on your eyes, to remove eye makeup soak a cotton pad in cleanser and gently remove the makeup. If you have used mascara, press the makeup removing pad to remove it and wash your eye well.

3. Check Out For Allergic Reactions

3 Before buying a full bottle of makeup cleanser, try using a smaller bottle of the same product to see if it suits your skin. Your skin should not have any allergic reaction to the makeup remover.

4. Not Using Product As Instructed

4 All makeup removing products have instructions on how to use on their labels, follow the instructions to get maximum benefit out of the product.

5. Not Removing Makeup Thoroughly

456545645645 Extend your cleansing routine to your neck, ensure to remove makeup from your hairline and jawline. This way your face will be perfectly clean. Splash some water on face after cleansing to remove the makeup residues.

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