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Our oral hygiene is one of the most important aspects of our overall personality and well being. A poor oral hygiene can lead to bad breath which can be embarrassing when we are among our friends, relatives or colleagues. A foul odour emanating from your mouth can be a turn off. Bad breath is usually a result of gum diseases, dental cavities, inflammation on tongue and poor dental hygiene. Our mouth has hundreds of live germs which create sulphurous odours. Apart from this, diabetes, dry mouth conditions, ulcers and lactose intolerance, certain foods like onions, garlic or even alcohol can cause a bad breath. To prevent bad breath forming in your mouth, one of the easiest ways is to maintain a good oral hygiene. Read on as we bring you some of the best ways you keep your breath clean and fresh :

1. Brush Your Teeth

1 From our childhood, we all are taught to brush our teeth and most people do brush their teeth every day. However it is quite possible that in hustle bustle of everyday routine, you have somehow ignored the basics of brushing of your teeth. American Dental Association says that you must brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes. This is important to remove the food particles and bacteria that remains trapped in between your teeth and gums and cause foul breath.

2. Dental Flossing

2 When food particles get stuck in between our teeth and gums, it lingers on and forms plaque and results in bad breath. Dental flossing is thus an important part of your oral hygiene. Proper flossing not only removes the minute food particles but also the plaque from the spots where your toothbrush cannot reach, like corners and spaces between teeth and gums.

3. Keep Your Tongue Clean

3 the surface of your tongue is the best ground for the germs and bacteria to breed on. Often while brushing many people ignore to clean their tongue which yet again causes bad breath. Keep your tongue free of bacteria by using a tongue cleaner after you brush your teeth. Invest in good tongue scraping tool which will gently and effectively remove and reduce the bacteria from your tongue. Ensure that you while using the tongue cleaners you do scrap the tongue harshly.

4. Use Mouth Rinser Regularly

4 Use a mouthwash to maintain your overall oral hygiene. Mouthwash not only gives you a fresh breath but also reaches all the areas of your mouth and kills 99% of the germs present in your mouth. Some of the areas like back of throat, inside of your cheeks do not get cleaned while brushing. Mouthwash reaches all such areas to get rid of the bad breath. Just pour the required quantity of mouthwash in a small cup and rinse and swish it in your mouth for 30 to 60 seconds. Spit the solution and repeat to free your mouth from all the residues.

5.Stay Hydrated

5 One of the best ways to curb bad breath is by drinking sufficient amounts of water. Keep your body and mouth hydrated as our tongue needs moisture to produce salvia. If your mouth becomes dry, bacteria thrive on the salvia and causes bad breath. Keeping yourself hydrated will ensure that your salvia will keep producing the enzymes that will the germs and bacteria and your mouth will no longer have foul odours.

6. Avoid Bad Breath Causing Food

6 Avoid certain foods like onions or garlic to prevent bad breath. These foods can cause foul breath even if you brush your teeth after eating them. This happens due to the fact that these foods travel in your lungs and cause foul odours. Avoid excess dairy foods that form a mucus layer on your tongue.

7. Quit Smoking

7 Tobacco products not only cause life threatening diseases but also form a coating on your teeth and tongue that causes a foul breath. Quit smoking and choose a healthy oral hygiene to get rid of bad breath.

8. Go Easy On Sugar

8 It is a common habit for people to chew sugary gums or mints to get rid of odours after having their meals. However avoid these sugary treats as the bacteria present in your mouth ferments the sugar and this further adds to unpleasant odours. To avoid the icky smells from your mouth, go easy on sugar and avoid sugary snacks too.

9. Keep Your Gums Healthy

9 When the gum line gets inflamed, your gums start to bleed easily and become tender and swollen. As soon as you notice such issues in your gums it is best advised to seek an appointment with your dentist. Gum diseases often cause bad breath and the best way curb this is to keep your gums healthy.

10. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

10 Make a habit to visit your dentist every 6 months to ensure that all teeth are clean and free of germs and cavities. Keep yourself on top when it comes to oral hygiene and seek dental advice time and again to ensure that your mouth had foul odours. If you find yourself with bad breath, ensure you tell your dentist about it so that it can be treated accordingly.

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