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If you are done with endless lunges and squats to get toned up thighs but all of it went in vain, then you have landed on the right page. Here we are giving you some creative moves designed to work on your thighs in different variations. These exercises were created by DanceBody creator Katia Pryce. These exercises use your body weight and you will need to squeeze your legs, glute and abs to add resistance. You can also increase the resistance with resistance band for the outer thigh moves and use ankle weights for inner thigh moves. Scroll over to find these interesting moves to get sculpted thighs and shaped legs. To begin lie on your left side and complete all the exercises on the left side with the given number of reps and then switch on to your right side to complete all the exercises with the given number of reps :

Moves For Your Inner Thigh :

To do the inner thigh moves you will need to wear the resistance band. To use the band, stand hip width feet apart and wear the band above the knees. You should tie the band in such a way that you should feel tension in your band

Two Pumps

1 Lie down on your side, supporting your head with your left hand. Keep your left leg bent, right leg extended, tighten your core and ensure your right hip is stacked above your left hip. Lift your right foot towards ceiling, pump half way through and then pump as high as you can, Ensure that your hips do not fall back. Return back to starting position and follow 30 reps each side.

Check Mark

2 Starting with the same position as two pumps, squeeze your abs and raise your right leg and bring it towards your navel. Extend your diagonally and try to reach as far as you can. Follow 20 reps.

Up And Over

3 From the same starting position as above, raise your upper body on to your forearm. Extend your right leg out move from front to back and stretch as far as you can, as if you are drawing an arch over your left leg. Ensure that your right leg is in perpendicular to your torso. Follow 20 reps.

The Burner

4 Keeping your body in the same position as above, bend your right knee towards your chest and keep your right foot flexed, engage your abs and oblique’s. Point your right foot and extend the leg bringing right hand from back to front. Squeeze in your glutes and keeping your knees bent, bring your heel towards your buttocks. Repeat 20 times.

Moves For Your Inner Thighs :

wear weights on the left ankle for your inner thigh moves. Once all your outer and thigh moves are over on your left side you shift on to your right side. For right side, wear weights on the right ankle.

Single Sweep

5 Keeping on to same starting position as in above exercises, bend your right knee and place your right foot firmly on the ground. Flex your left foot and lift you’re your leg as much as possible and then lower it keeping 2 to 3 inches above ground level. Follow 25 reps.

Heel Press

6 Again, for this exercise, keeping the same position, raise your left leg 2 to 3 inches above the ground level. Flex your left foot and bring your knees towards your chest. Crunch your abs and extend your left leg out without touching the ground. Follow 25 reps.


7 Starting with the same position, lift your left leg 2 to 3 inches above floor level and flex your foot. Bring your left knee towards your chest and engage your abs. Extend the left leg out in front of you in such a way that your leg is perpendicular to your torso, forming alphabet L. Bend your knee to crunch position, push your heel and extend hip and return back to starting position. Follow 20 reps.

Dancer Lift

8 This move again starts with the same position, point your feet and lift your right leg towards the ceiling. Hold you right calf or heel with your right hand and lift your leg straight up to same point as your right leg towards the ceiling. Bring your left down. Follow 20 reps of this exercise.

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