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Are you someone who has an office job? If so, you've probably been through several different phases of playing & experimenting with your office makeup, right? Unfortunately, women spend way too much time early in the morning getting their eye makeup even, when in fact they should be focusing on their beauty sleep! If you want to sleep for a bit longer and actually look like never before, it is essential to figure out the right beauty & makeup tips! Here are the top 6 tips & tricks that every workaholic woman will appreciate.

Top 6 Beauty Tips For A Faster Beauty Routine

1. Moisture, Prime & Use an SPF - All In One

Your skin should always look & feel moisturized. You should apply your favorite nourishing cream, but make sure that it has a priming sensation while having an SPF! You should actually save some time by speeding up the base portion of your makeup. The best way to do that is with a tinted moisturizer. This makeup item has all of the above + it will leave you with some level of coverage! The best part? You can apply it with your fingers, just as you would apply your moisturizer!

2. Multi-Task With A Tinted Cheek Balm

A tinted cheek balm can be applied all over your face. This makeup item can come in handy as your eyeshadow, cheek tint, and a lip product! You can dab it in with your fingers and embrace the monochrome look. Make sure that your purchased or chosen cheek balm comes in a softer color. In fact, go for pink, peach, coral, or light nude/shimmery balms! These will look the best once applied all over the face.

3. Get Lash Extensions

If you truly want to save some time & spare yourself from doing your shadows, liner & lashes - make sure you get lash extensions. These are applied individually one by one on top of your actual lashes. Once done, they can look mesmerizing, voluminous, as well as natural (if you want them to). Women love the simplicity of lash extensions since they always look voluminous! You don't have to apply any mascara on top, and you will still end up with that flawless lifted outcome! If you don't mind sparing one hour at a salon, and you are okay with their price point (around $60), make sure you get them!

4. Think About Going For Highlights

Although this is not an actual makeup trick, it is a beauty routine suggestion. Why not freshen up your haircut, and get yourself a set of new highlights? Highlights can look divine, and will definitely freshen up every haircut. This little trick will distract people and they won't focus on any ''negative'' sides of your look! They won't notice the bags under your eyes, or if you forgot to match your bag with your blouse! They will be distracted by your new hairdo for quite some time.

5. Add A Setting Spray To Your Bag

Make sure that, whenever you leave your house, you bring a setting spray with you. It will come in handy throughout the day + you will love it for refreshing your makeup. A setting spray will set all of your work in place early in the morning, but it will bring back the hydration to the skin during the day. You can reach for it and spritz it 3-4 times all over your skin to get that dewy look. You can redo this when at the car, in an elevator, or when taking a lunch break!

6. Book In Different Beauty Treatments At The Same Time

Lastly, if you are all about speeding up your makeup & beauty routine, think of booking a manicure. While you're at that salon, why not book several different treatments - all at once? Book a hair appointment (you can always get a blowout), as well as a pedicure! By investing only one hour per week, you can get so many things done! You can also be on your phone and go through some emails while getting pampered up! It is a win-win situation, no matter how you pursue it.

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