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We all love to read and share about beauty tricks and hacks. Each time you hit on social media you check out the columns for beauty hacks and as soon as you come across a new trick, you try it on for yourself. But sometimes you find some hacks that sound crazy and you don’t them a try. But did you know that there are some makeup and skincare hacks that may sound crazy at first but when you try them you find that actually work. These hacks help you to save your time and fix your everyday makeup, skincare and other beauty issues. Read on to find some crazy hacks that you can try on:

1. Line your eye curler with eye pencil and in one go you can curl and line your eyelashes.


2. When you run out of shaving cream, use hair conditioner to shave, this will work well on skin and leave it soft too.


3. If you run out of eye makeup remover, dip a cotton ball in olive oil to remove the eye makeup.


4. When you don’t have time to colour your hair, fix your grey hairs with mascara.


5. Want an instant shine on your hair, give it dose of beer as a last rinse after washing your hair.


6. Soothe out the redness of skin with Pepto-Bismol. The salicylic acid present in Pepto-Bismol helps to relieve the acne too.


7. Tame your frizzy and flyaway hairs by using a dryer sheet.


8. Use charcoal to whiten your teeth, simply dip toothbrush in charcoal and brush your teeth to get bright teeth.


9. Coat your eyelashes with baby powder and then apply mascara to get thicker finish on your lashes.


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