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A manicure is a part of every girl’s beauty routine and believe it or not, not every girl has beautiful nails. I mean, it is pretty tough to grow them. They are also brittle and weak so they are easy to break and then, some of us have anxiety issues which tends to nail-biting or tearing the nail with another nail and what not! Am I right? But here are some habits that girls can adapt so they also have beautiful nails like they want.

1. Cuticle Remover

1 Instead of using a cuticle remover to remove that ugly skin around your nails, use a scraper. It also removes the dead skin cells easily.

2. Remove The Oil

2 Use an acetone to remove the oil which sits on your nail. Also, avoid touching your nails before you apply a nail polish.

3. Nail Filer

3 It is important to use a good quality nail filer on your nails to get them into shape. Instead of cutting them off every once in a while as nail filer enhances the beauty of nails and makes them stronger.

4. Nail Polish

4 It’s funny how so many of us don’t apply nail polish the right way. The first step is to apply it on the top and then spread it evenly to the back of the nail.

5. Use Of Cream

5 To avoid nail polish remains on the skin around your nails, use a cream before you wipe it off. Otherwise, the skin’s nourishment is taken away because of the acetone.

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