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Eye liner is always top on the list when it comes to make up essentials, because it doesn’t require any occasion to wear. Not all women are pro at applying an eye liner. Important thing is applying liner is a little too delicate with the makeup of the eye – the eye shadow. This guide is for all you beginners looking for the right way to ace the art of applying the eyeliner and for those who wish to try with a few amazing application styles. So, flutter those pretty eyes, and read on and learn new techniques:

1. Types Of Eye Liner

1 First you have to choose which eye liner is best for you as you have three options liquid, gel and pencil. A pencil eye liner are good but does not spread well. The second type is gel eye liner, it is very easy to apply and it seems as easy as we apply nail paint. The Third one is liquid eyeliner; it might be tough for those who don’t know how to apply s it requires accuracy.

2. Black Eye Liner Is The Most Common But It Comes In Different Attractive Colors Too

2 When it comes to eye liner you have the option to match it with your dress or make up you are wearing. It can be off any color but it mostly comes in black, blue, brown, grey, green and any shade in sparkle touch.

3. How To Apply

3 It can be tricky so it needs patience and accuracy to apply the eyeliner 1. You may sit or stand according to your convenience 2. Pick your eyeliner brush and stable your hand on flat surface 3. Place little finger on the cheek to take support and start applying it carefully

4. Take Help Of Dots or Dashes

4 There are different ways to apply different eye liners. If you are applying liquid eye liner then make few dots on your lash line and join them to draw a good eye liner. Wait for it to get dry for few seconds. You might take help of dashes also if you find dots a difficult task.

5. Don’t Stretch Your Skin

5 It is advisable to not stretch your skin while applying eye liner because it can give a messy look to eye. And if it got messed up, you can correct it with help of cotton bud. If your liner gets spoiled so you can also use ear bud dabbed in concealer apply on extra liner for correction.

6. Use Jelly To Clean Your Eye Liner

6 I know you must not be aware of this tip, for instant cleaning you may use your lip gloss. It actually works!

7. Smudge It Well

7 You can add an expert touch to your liner by smudging it well. So take a good smudge brush and smudge your eye liner well but make sure it should not look messy.

8. Filling Tight line and Water Line

8 It is recommended to use water proof eye liner when filling water line as it can damage eye too.

9. Even Touch

9 When finally you have applied liner applies some translucent powder to avoid crease stamp. Here you need is a translucent powder and eye shadow blending brush.

10. Want Catty Look Or Winger Eye Liner

10 One you become pro in drawing basic liner, now it’s time to try some trendy styles. You can give your eyes a catty look or try winged eye liner.

11. Watch This Video To Learn Different Eye Liners Application!

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