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There are many weight loss diets out there on the internet which attract you by saying “lose weight in 1 week”. I don’t know if they are indeed correct, but what I very well understand is that, all those diets are very unhealthy. You won’t be able to shed so many pounds that quickly. Even if you do, your body will end up lacking essential nutrients and you might gain all those pounds pretty quickly. There are safe ways to lose weight and those are the ones which take time. Losing weight in 90 days is the appropriate way to maintain the results as well. You can shed 12 to 20 pounds easily by following strict plans for just 90 days. That’s isn’t so tough, right? Here is what you need to keep in mind:

1. Consult a Dietician.

1 Your doctor is going to check if you diet-plan is safe or not. They will also give advice and recommendations which you should follow. A meal plan created by them is what you must stick by if you want to shed some kilos.

2. Count your calories.

2 In order to lose weight, you need to start having lesser calories than you usually do. Cutting out 500-1000 calories is the recommendation by most experts. You should take care of what you are eating. Proteins and fiber rich food helps one feel fuller for the most part of the day. If you don’t feel hungry, you won’t end up over eating.

3. Lean proteins are the way to go!

3 Adequate amount of proteins help in weight loss. Eggs, dairy products, meat and pulses have good amount of proteins in them. Your meals must have some proteins in it.

Snacks should be fruits!

4 When it is snack time, you should bite a carrot instead of going for a chocolate. When you set your plate in the night, you should keep aside a bit of fruit as well, so you don’t miss out on essential vitamins and anti-oxidants which promote weight loss.

4. 100% whole grains must be consumed.

5 Fiber rich diet is essential when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle. Oats, brown rice, and whole grain breads provide you enough fiber, which provides your body all the vitamins and minerals essential.

5. Drink enough water

6 8 glasses of water a day is must. One should keep themselves hydrated enough to avoid many problems. Dizziness, fainting and nausea can be a cause of dehydration. Water keeps your metabolism strong. Most of the time you are not even hungry, just thirsty but you end up having a meal instead of water. You can control all your craving if you drink plenty of water.

6. Remain physically active

7 Cardio workouts must be included in your daily routine. Go for a walk or a run for at least 30 minutes and it can also be a good for your metabolism. Aerobic activities burn a lot of calories and thus, you must follow it along with a good diet.

7. Strength training

8 Weight lifting or pushups and squats are essential for toning your body. Thus, you must train your body at least once in a week.

8. Write down your goal

9 Even if the results seem slow, you should keep a journal where you record what you are eating or how much weight you have lost. This will help you stay motivated till you reach your goal weight.

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