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Losing weight gets really challenging, because we often don’t care about what we are eating after having a stressful day at the office. Lack of exercise contributes a lot in being obsess or overweight, but there is something we all could do to manage our weight. Losing weight shouldn’t be that tough only if we are sincere and keep a few things in our mind. Busy lifestyle might prove to be an obstacle in our workout routine, still you can follow the steps listed here to lose weight without making much effort:

Avoid alcohol.

1 We might drink alcohol for reducing our stress, but then we accompany it with several other snacks or junk food. It soon becomes a habit and we forget how much calories we are putting in. If you reduce your alcohol consumption, you will start noticing the change in your body. Detoxification takes place and all the fat that had been stored in your body is consumed.

Don’t eat after 8pm.

2 You must sleep at least 3 hours after you had your dinner. If you have food after 9pm, it will only get stored in your body because you are only going to sleep after it. You won’t be doing any work which would consume those calories that you just had. If you eat too late in the night, it is not always because of hunger but also due to stress or boredom. This all is going to store in your body as fat, which you need to get rid of.

Sleep good.

3 Lack of sleep leads to increase in your stress levels. Stress leads to hunger and then you know that you are going to have a bite of anything that is in front of you. Sleep provides relaxation and the hormones in your body work to maintain a good balance in your system. It is thus necessary that you have at least 6-8 hours of sleep. You would know you had a proper amount of sleep if you don’t feel cranky or tired the next day.

Have coffee.

4 Not by adding two teaspoons of sugar, of course. But simple caffeine, early in the morning. Not only it would rejuvenate you but also release excessive fatty acids into the bloodstream which provides you enough energy to work-out more and be less tired. So, if you are a coffee lover try some black coffee every day and you will see results.

Train in the intervals.

5 You don’t need to head to the gym for two long hours and torture yourself (if you think that way), but when you take breaks from your work, you can do high intensity training exercises. Even a walk every now and then can help you lose calories. It would be easy to induce this much in your regular routine.

Head out in the sun

6 You must open your curtains when you wake up in the morning. It gives an energizing effect and also research proves that people who expose themselves to sunlight, do have a lesser Body-Mass-Index than those who don’t.

Have Eggs for Breakfast

7 Eggs are full of proteins and proteins make you feel fuller as well. You won’t feel hungry for a long time and tend to eat less throughout the day. Even if you have yogurt in the morning, you will not face hunger pangs.

Count your calories.

[caption id="attachment_3616" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Diverse Hands Holding The Word Calories Diverse Hands Holding The Word Calories[/caption] These days so many apps are also available to help you keep track of what you are eating. One must eat lesser calories and healthier food the entire day, in order to lose weight. If you write down what you are having, you would be able to make wise decisions the next day, of what to avoid and what to have.

Keep Snacks Packed.

9 In order to avoid going to the cafeteria and having unhealthy food, you should load your lunch boxes with healthy snacks like fruit or a small quantity if what you would like to indulge in. Apple and almonds as snack, work the best.

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