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Think of high heels – attractive, smart, confident and stunning. Yes that is what high heels is all about, they add the oomph factor in your personality, boost your confidence, give you a classy look and bring that glamour factor out of you. However if you know the feel of those gorgeous stilettos, they not only come with those goody feelings, they also come with the pain and hurt that makes wearing high heel a nightmare. Today there are variety of products that you can choose from that will bring you the comfort to wear high heels with ease. Take a look :

1. Heel Grip Liners

1 Image: Source Do your silicon pads keep slipping off from one end to other and do you often wonder if they are of any help? If yes then heel grip liners is what you need to get for your high heels. Heel grip liners stick to the heel and provide you comfort to wear the heels without any slippage or abrasions on skin. These shocking absorbing pads stay in place and bring relief to your feet.

2. Toe Protectors

2 Image: Source Give your feet complete protection from calluses and blisters with gel cushions. These discreet cushions can be worn with any kind high heels and you can even put them on with your shoes to get a comfortable walking experience.

3. Miracle Spray

3 Image: Source Protect your heels with pre heel miracle spray that forms an invisible barrier between your feet and heels. The spray gives you a long lasting protection against friction, abrasions and blisters. Spray the miracle spray on your feet before wearing the heels and get comfortable all through the day.

4. Still Standing Foot Spray

4 Image: Source The anti-inflammatory action of this wonder spray protects your feet from swelling and discomfort that comes with high heels. The spray has cooling menthol that leaves your feet with a tingling sensation.

5. Forefoot Pads

5 Image: Source Wearing heels can put a lot of pressure on your forefoot. This causes pain and discomfort within few hours of wearing them. To prevent this uneasiness, wear forefoot cushions that will cover the middle part of your toe and stay in place. These foot cushions are excellent for runners and joggers too.

6. Foot Petals

6 Image: Source These little sticky pads can placed on just about any spot of your heel that is uncomfortable for you. Stick the cushions on places you feel the hurt and carry a few extra pieces in case you need to use on other spots later on.

7. High Heel Stretcher

7 Image: Source You know how the foot feels when it is in those tight fitted heels. Stretch your heels with this foot stretching tool that will expand the width of your shoes and make your heels comfortable to wear.

8. Foldable Flats

8 Image: Source Even after using the heel liners, foot cushions or foot sprays, if your heels still continue to hurt you, then make sure you have pair of foldable flats shoes or flip flops in your purse. Simply take off the heels and slip into these flip flops or flats to spend rest of your day or evening comfortably.

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