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In the world of fashion, high heels have always been like a must have fashion accessory. High heels make you look stunning, gorgeous and of course boost up your confidence. From chunky wedges to pencil thin stilettos, fashionistas adorn high heels to add a glamour factor to their style statement. But no matter how much you love the heels, they actually pain and hurt each time you wear them. You either end up taking them off swearing never to wear them again or you end up with blisters and aching feet. To make your day easier in the high heels, here are some hacks and tricks that will make your feet feel comfy and thank you for:

1. Based on the shape of your feet, arch height and flexibility, it is best to measure the max height of heel you can wear and invest accordingly on your high heels.


2. Avoid buying high heel footwear that has a lesser gap between the base sole and tip of heel. The higher the gap the more appropriate it is for your feet.


3. Stick a tape on third and fourth toes fingers to prevent the pain in your feet when you wear heels. The nerve between these two fingers pains when there is a pressure but when your tape them together, the weight gets evenly distributed which lessens the pain.


4. Invest in good quality foot gel pads to insert on the soles of your heels. The gel cushions as they relieve the pressure from your toes.


5. Rub sandpaper thoroughly over the soles of your stilettos to roughen them. This trick will make your heels less slippery and more comfy to wear.


6. To prevent your shoes from giving your blisters, roll over deodorant over the sides and soles of your heels.


7. If your heels are too tight, break them with ice. Fill a zipper bag with halfway water and place it in your shoes. Place the shoes in the freezer overnight. Next morning remove the bag from your shoes and voila your shoes are party ready.


8. Prevent your feet from sweating by using hairspray over them. This trick will also keep your feet from slipping.


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