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In our everyday beauty routine, makeup holds an up most importance to accentuate our facial features. A well applied makeup makes you look attractive and gives your face a bright look. Makeup enhances your natural beauty and adds a touch of class to your style statement. To get the best out of your must follow the basic rules of applying makeup to make it last longer and hide facial imperfections like dark spots or pigmentation or dark circles. Read on as we bring a few tips on how best you can use your makeup to emphasis your beauty and make you look gorgeous :

1. To give your face an even tone and a smooth finish apply foundation first and then concealer. Blend in the concealer your skin to hide the skin flaws and accent your features.


2. To get your nose in shape, counter it with a darker shade of concealer and blend it well along the sides and tip of your nose.


3. Do not fill your eyebrows randomly as this will not give you a correct shape. Outline the eyebrow on top and bottom and then fill in the gaps with light strokes to give them a natural look.


4. Use a highlighter to define and lift up your eyes. Dust on a powder highlighter and blend in well to get a matte finish.


5. To get winged eyeliner, create a flick from the outer corner of your eyes and draw another line extending till middle of to form a triangle. Connect the eyeliner from middle to inner corner of eye and ensure to that your do not leave any blank spots.


6. To remove excess mascara from your eyelashes use a toothbrush. This will give a neat and smooth finish to your eyelashes.


7. To plump your lips, brush of the dead skin and smoothen out your lips with a lip balm. Dab some loose powder on the lips and outline your lips with a lip liner. Apply a dark shade of lipsticks on the corner of your lips and lighter shade in the middle of your lips. Blend the colors to get a even finish.


8. Before applying lipstick, ensure that you moisturize your lips with lip balm and then apply a coat of lipstick. To keep your lips smooth and soft naturally, exfoliate them once a week and apply Vaseline every night.


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