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We all follow beauty tricks and hacks to make our everyday routine easier. These tricks help us to enhance our looks and get a flawless look. We love to learn and share new makeup and beauty tips, however at times we follow them incorrectly. In fact unconsciously we have been following some of the hacks and tips so wrongly that we have believed them to be the right. Scroll over to find the mistakes you been making in your beauty regime and how you can rectify the errors in your beauty regime:

1. Purchasing Right Foundation

1 While purchasing foundation most of us match the colour tone with our facial skin, however you must always match its tone with your neck. Blend the foundation on your neck and the one which merges with the skin tone of your neck is the right color for your face.

2. How To Apply Concealer Correctly

2 Instead of applying concealing right under your eyes on the dark circles, make a triangle with base under your eyes and extend a triangle towards your cheek. Blend in the concealer well in your skin to hide the dark circles and lift up your cheeks.

3. Correct Way To Apply Foundation

3 Most of us would apply foundation in upward strokes. But actually applying foundation in downward strokes will hide up the facial hair and give your face a smooth finish.

4. Use Bronzer Correctly

4 Bronze is not applied all over face, instead make a 3 on either side of the cheeks and blend it on your face.

5. Avoid Racoon Look

5 To avoid your look like a racoon, do not apply black eyeliner on your lower lash. Use a brown eyeliner for bottom lash line and a beige shade for waterline.

6. Do Not Overfill your Brows

6 Filling up the sparse eyebrows too dark will make your eyes appear too dark. Fill it up lightly to create a more natural look.

7. Do Create An Arched Eyebrow

7 An arched up eyebrow will make you appear tensed up, instead follow the natural shape and give it a neat shape.

8. De-Tangling Hair

8 Use a wide toothed comb to de-tangle your hair. Avoid using hair brush as this causes hair breakage and weakens your hair shaft.

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