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Internet is filled with articles regarding how one should lose weight. People who share their success stories also suddenly gain so many followers. Everyone wants to get in perfect shape and it is a good thing after all. But some do say, “Oh I like my body the way it is” but it only because they can’t control their cravings and need to face the world, eh? Here are some tips which one can become healthy and lose weight so they look just as they want to.

You shouldn’t rely only on New Years

1 When the year begins, everyone has weight loss goals but only a few are successful, right? You go for walks and a run, but soon you give up. Weight loss should be a life-long commitment. You need to quit fast food and go for run on a regular basis, which means the entire year, not just till you lose some weight.

Diet is essential.

2 You can exercise as much as you want, but if you are still having cheese filled pizzas and burger, you would not be able to shed your pounds. When you start having a healthy diet, it might be difficult to control your craving but soon you will feel start feeling good about yourself and won’t even feel the need to have junk food. Try to eat all the natural foods and avoid processed items from the factories.

Don’t just run on the treadmill.

3 Cardio workouts are loved by people, but they don’t realize how important resistance training is as well. It can tone your body and burn fat effectively. You should go for a run but also indulge in exercises like pushups and squats which include light weights.


4 Don’t skip your routine even for a day. Commitment requires hard work and you shouldn’t avoid your workout for an episode of Games of Thrones (or any other series that you watch, okay?). When you don’t feel like doing your work out but you push yourself to do it, you will feel the best. Also, stay committed to eating healthy even you co-worker just ordered pizza for everybody.

Mix it up.

Group of women working out in fitness studio If you have a certain pattern and certain habits, you will soon get bored of your workout routine. Try to cook a different meal and learn different healthy recipes. Start doing the exercises you never did before. Do rock climbing one day and yoga on the other. Losing weight should be fun if you want it to be successful.

Remain Active

6 Every move burns calories. So even if you lift your feet up once in a while, when you are sitting at your desk, you will be burning those extra calories. Take frequent breaks and walk for 5 minutes. Jiggle your hips whenever you go to the washroom. These little things help you remain active and promote weight loss.

Have a schedule

7 Plan your workout the day before. Decide what you will have for lunch and dinner before-hand. This way you tend to remain away from indulging in excess food that you didn’t plan on eating.

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